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Fault of Man

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The battles had begun to lessen, which left more free time among the Toudanshi and their Saniwa. There was rarely ever time to rest. The constant onslaught of enemies, reports of spawning Kebiishi in far away lands, and search parties to locate the last missing Great Spear of Japan; these were just a few tasks that left your team extremely busy and exhausted. Though some ended up scraped and battered, it was nothing you could not manage. Under your command, no one doubted your judgment.

Because of this, the Toudan all shared a deep respect for you; and maybe even moreso now, as you declared an official summer vacation for everyone to recuperate as business finally began to settle down. Cooking refreshing hot pot dinners, sparring and sharpening blades, or sleeping the day away, each person had their own way of having fun. Your collected brigade was able to finally breathe in peace without having to watch their backs.

Though Summer was just starting, the Citadel had umbrella-like trees scattered across the landscape along with decorative pavilions to keep everyone comfortably shaded. It was nowhere near crowded and there was plenty of room to take it easy. It was only the first day of this so-called Summer break, but it did not take long for everyone to find and declare their own spot. While walking around the area, you swore you could hear muffled snores coming from different directions.

The air was warm, but not unbearable. Everything was fairly quiet, with the exception of lightly chirping birds and trickling water from the nearby ponds. You took in a deep breath and the faint scent of blooming flora gently filled your nostrils. The Citadel was a like an oasis, hidden away from the bloodshed and violence of the outside world. It was not a world you feared, but it felt satisfying to not spout commands for once.

Everyone was beginning to unwind; all except one.

During your inspection stroll, you noticed a very tense Tonbokiri. This was extremely out of character and set off a red flag immediately. He was pacing slowly under a large sakura tree. It's branches bowed as if it were mourning. The pink blossoms had long since fallen and gone with the passing of Spring, which left it with deep green leaves. Tonbo was most likely trying to hide, but his immense body was hard to miss. But as the Saniwa, nothing made it past your eyes.

You casually walked toward the towering Yari. Entranced in his own thought, he failed to notice you immediately. When your eyes finally met, he jolted and stuttered, "Greetings... Master! Are you well?”

With a playful scoff, you replied, "I should be asking you the same thing."

As you two stood close, you noticed that Tonbo was nearly squirming in place. His arms were tensed and hands clenched into fists at his sides, showing the whites of his knuckles. You had been around him long enough to sense that this was not anger and you had nothing to fear being in his presence. You could not imagine a day where Tonbokiri would so much as think of harming his master. If you had to pick out of all of the Toudan, he would definitely be someone you felt safest around.

He was always sincere and devoted to help in anyway possible. There was no request he could ever deny. But this kind heart did not leave him weak in the slightest. You often found yourself in awe of his ability to fight and come out completely unscathed, comparable to a deadly, yet graceful dance. An immense and effortless strength, but never reckless. Influenced by the great Masamune himself, there was an obvious aura that surrounded him, though it wasn't enough to completely engulf his benevolence.

His gentle spirit was something that could always warm you up, but in that moment, you couldn't help but to feel distanced. He seemed to hesitate at first, but then cleared his throat. "I-it is nothing. I will be fine, Master."

You continued to look for anything else out of place. Your instincts definitely said something was up, but you trusted Tonbokiri's word. He was not an impulsive or stupid fellow. Immediately, a few faces flashed in your mind of others whom you often found yourself baby-sitting.

"Alright, Tonbo," you sighed in defeat. "But, don't keep any secrets from me."

There was no response. Regardless of your gut feeling, you began to walk away. You had no regrets about your decision, but you knew you would find yourself worrying about him later. Such a remarkably selfless man would not admit his own personal burdens to you, as so not to distract you from your work. He would find a way to manage on his own, persevering as always, but you could not help but to mull over what could possibly be amiss. You would be lying if you said you didn't have a soft-spot for him.

Your cluttered thoughts were abruptly cut short, as you found yourself face flat on the ground. With a loud thud, the force of the fall knocked the air out of your lungs. There was a burning sensation in your ankle that slowly began to grow. Looking down at your foot, you noticed it was caught on a knobby root which caused your unsophisticated descent.

Nearly seconds later, you heard footsteps running toward you.

"Master, are you..." Tonbokiri's words halted as he looked down at your fallen body.

Your ankle started to turn a bright red, inflamed and stinging more as time passed. Grass stains and dirt dusted your attire from head to toe. And from your clumsy landing, the top portion of your dress had slid down your arms a bit, leaving your chest partially exposed.

More embarrassed about tripping, it took you a moment to realize your clothing had pulled itself down. Where normally you would see Tonbokiri's large arm outstretched, lending you a hand, or hear his warm voice reassuring you, there was only silence. You looked up to see his face, blushing in embarrassment. 

Shouldn't I be the one blushing?, you thought to yourself.

Though, taking his character more into consideration, it made sense. He was extremely modest and you were not explicit with any of the Toudan. Flirty at times, maybe. But Tonbokiri was someone who would virtually explode with any type of teasing. You had never tested this theory with him, but you knew that it was definitely fact. He had an unwavering resolution when it came to holding you in the utmost regard. To see his highly esteemed Saniwa in such a suggestive position, he did not wish to insult you.

He got down on his knees and began to bow, hands pressed to the dirt. “Master, please forgive my glances.”

You almost let out a giggle at this display, but it came out as a tiny snort. You waved a hand and replied nonchalantly, “It's fine, Tonbo! This is nothing. I was just clumsy.”

Still sitting oddly on the ground, you leaned forward a little and used a hand to pat his head. You could feel the heat emanating from his scalp, along with a bit of sweat, which you concluded was due to his sudden bout of nerves. With your touch, he reacted with the smallest jolt. He slowly pushed himself off the ground from his apologetic position and looked up at you with repentant eyes.

There was a bit of relief, but he still appeared to be somewhat anxious; possibly over whatever was bothering him from the start.

You adjusted your dress and sleeves a bit, but as you moved, they fell back down. With a sigh, you attempted to get up off the ground, but was immediately welcomed by a sharp pain in your ankle. A small hiss escaped from your clenched teeth.

Tonbokiri heard your sound of pain and before you knew it, you felt your entire body wrapped by his and lifted upward. The motion was so swift, you didn't have time to object. You weren't the type to be so easily coddled, but you knew he wouldn't allow you to walk in pain.

“You are injured,” he said. His tone became softer, as you were now inches away from his face. “I'll take you to your room.”

You could not oppose his gentle words. The bass nearly tickled your ears with his deep, velvety voice. Whatever was troubling him before, did not matter at this time. His first priority was always to care for you.

As he walked, your legs dangled over his forearm. His other arm firmly supported your back, cradling you carefully. You could feel his warmth wherever your two bodies met. You looked up to see his face was still a little flushed, as he tried his hardest not to look down. You were nearly certain any other man would use this time to get as many glances at your exposed cleavage as they could. But, Tonbo would never wish to see you as simply eye candy.

You looked around to see if anyone else was there to witness you two. Thankfully, the rest of the swords must have been off taking a mid-afternoon nap. A scene would be the last thing you would want to erupt. Letting out a light sigh, you rested your head on his chest. As you did so, Tonbokiri's breathing hitched. You had expected it to be firmer, with his sculpted muscles and all, but it was surprisingly soft. You could feel the light thumping of his heartbeat against your ear.

He carried you all the way to your quarters, which was it's own separate building. This was your private space to only be used by you and others were rarely allowed in. You assumed that he wanted you to be comfortable on your bed, as the rest of the rooms around the Citadel had thin futon mats. Otherwise, inviting himself into your quarters would have been rude.

Once the both of you got to your bedroom, he gently laid you down on the mattress and fluffed your pillow like a princess. He then walked to a set of drawers in the far corner; he recognized it as your medicine kit. Stuffing his arms full of bandages and antiseptic, he quickly returned and then knelt by your side.

“Where exactly are you hurt?” he asked politely, while popping the cork off of a bottle. It almost looked doll-sized in his hands.

You looked down at your frame and tried to assess where there were injuries. Pointing down at your legs , you answered, “I think there are a few around my knees... shins... oh, and my ankle is twisted. But I think it has gone down a bit, thanks to you.”

He carefully addressed the wounds on your legs, though it took some time as he was very meticulous. Each scrape was covered carefully with a bandage. As for your ankle, he wrapped it securely to prevent swelling.

“That feels great,” you announced. “But, I think there might be one a little higher up, too...”

You began to lift your dress, showing your thigh. Somehow in the inner portion of your leg, there was an odd bruise that began to discolor and spread.

Tonbo replied, stumbling over his words a bit, “Could you spread your legs apart, please?”

You obeyed and laughed on the inside at how innocently he requested something that could be so easily misconstrued.

He used a cotton pad to clean the skin's surface. You couldn't help but to jerk a little at the coldness of the astringent and an odd sound escaped from your lips.

“Aaaa haha! That tickles,” you exclaimed.

This was a dangerous situation, you assumed so for Tonbo, but mainly for yourself. Though his concern was most likely due to possibly seeming inappropriate, you couldn't help but to fantasize a little. You laid on the bed with him kneeling at your feet, dressing your wounds carefully. Regardless of his size, his touch was precise and tender, certain in every movement. Any bad thoughts were quickly thrown away as you couldn't bear to mentally corrupt him any further.

As the final touch, Tonbo then grabbed a bandage and pressed it lightly to the affected area on your thigh. He used the soft pads of his fingertips to ensure the edges were all pressed down. He seemed to be taking his time, but you tried not to over-think things.

His fingers were lightly calloused, which left an even more noticeable sensation; traight skin-to-skin contact. Nevertheless, his touch was pleasant and done with the softest intentions. Your skin was extremely sensitive in that area, which only made things worse. This was torture, and in a way, you were sure he felt the same.

His hands found themselves trailing down your leg slowly, as he seemed to revel in this new feeling. His eyes glowed with awe, concentrating on your soft flesh, noticing every hair and piece of you. But, there was nothing obscene in his intent. He had never been this close to you before and was nearly in-awe of your body. It certainly was much different than his. Your skin was much smoother and lighter, unmarred by the constant sunrays from farmwork or combat wounds. Surprisingly, you didn't notice any scars on his body, as expected of someone of his prowess.

Realizing he had indulged a little more than he believed, he abruptly stopped and pulled his hands away. You could tell he promptly wanted to chastise himself and apologize for being unrestrained, but no words followed. He simply stayed kneeling in the same position, straddling one of your legs. His arms rippled as his fists clenched at his side.

You sat up and recognized that stance from earlier.

“Tonbokiri...” you softly spoke. “Is this what you wanted? Is this... why you are upset with yourself?”

He didn't have to answer. You could read him fairly well at this point. His gaze refused to make contact with you and his entire body tensed, as if preparing to be lashed.

“Master,” he let out solemnly. “I don't understand. I do not wish to defile you in any way. You are my reason for existing, and I am forever grateful.”

You looked directly at him, but he wouldn't dare look you in the eye. Shame dripped from his pores. He swallowed a lump in his throat before continuing, though the tone of his voice went dark. “Is this what it is to be human? Are these the fault of man? Power, war, desire... lust.”

The last word trailed off and almost manifested into a growl. The frustration in his voice was evident. He adjusted himself and for a brief moment, you caught a glimpse of a very defined outline of his erection.

It was very difficult not to react so obviously to it; now wasn't the time. His innocence and unknown desperation was sexy in a way. Though, it also pained you to see him like this. One of the Great Spears of Japan finally brought to his knees, filled with guilt and confusion, unable to progress. You couldn't begin to imagine the culture shock that came with essentially being re-born from an inanimate object, now burdened with emotions and a corporeal body. The unmatched Tonbokiri was defeated by a mere woman and his new-found libido.

You placed your hands on his knees and said, “Those feelings... they do not make you any less strong or devout. Alright?”

He did not move, and you could tell he was still very horny. He nodded in response.

You quickly slipped your legs out from underneath and knelt across from him. You only met at about his shoulders, but you kept constant eye contact. Inching ever-so-closely, you got as close as you could to one of his ears and placed one hand on his upper thigh.

“I can help you,” the words drifted sensually from your lips. “It is my duty... right?”

He didn't vocally reply, but you knew when phrased that way, it would make more sense morally in his mind. Tonbo was too far gone to speak, but you were watching his body language. There was plenty going on that gave no other answer than yes. The rise and fall of his wide chest with each irregular breath, his now relaxed arms hanging at his sides, the ever-growing part between his flushed lip, and heavy-lidded amber eyes.

You smiled a nearly sick grin, which thankfully, he did not see. This could be too much fun. Tonbokiri's obedience would be something you'd have to try not to take advantage of. The temptation of completely dominating this large, muscular man was overwhelming, but you also had to remember who he was at his core. He was still the gentle and caring Yari who had watched over you, time and time again with never a single complaint. He could even be in-love with you.

Keeping that in mind, you slid the one hand at his thigh over to his cock. He jolted at your touch, but then his entire body began to melt. You were still just rubbing over his clothing, but from what you could feel, the touch wasn't seperated by much.

You pulled your skirt up a bit and then with both hands pushed against his chest. Of course, he did not budge. “Shirt off. Lay down,” you commanded.

He promptly obeyed, as always, throwing his clothes on the floor. His pants were still on, but they were simple and loose enough that you could possibly figure it out. Spread across the bed was Tonbokiri's wide body. Muscles bulged and flexed as he inhaled deeply. His long, plum hair was messy and strewn across your pillow; you were sure to have his scent there for days.

You then wrapped your legs across his hips and began rubbing yourself on his dick. This new sensation made Tonbo let out a moan. The friction was good, but almost unbearable for him. You weren't sure how long he could last.

Taking the lead again, you began to grab your own breasts and play with them, all the while keeping eye contact. Never had you seen him so helpless. You were used to seeing him in-control, efficiently conquering anything in his path. Who would have thought his fairly-matched enemy would be the Saniwa he had grown so close to.

You slipped your breasts out of your dress and toyed with them invitingly. You leaned forward a bit, which only brought them closer to his face. His hands slowly outreached and grabbed each one and massaged them. He really seemed to enjoy it.

“They're... soft,” he said in a voice, deeper than usual.

Though his hands were large, he took care not to be rough. His fingertips twirled around your nipples and they immediately got hard. A moan slipped out, that was a little louder than expected. Tonbo took this as a signal and leaned forward. With his tongue, he played with your nipples and sucked them gently, making sure to look up at you every few seconds to check for any other queues; a quick learner.

You waited for a break, a moment where he had to take a breath. You snuck in a kiss. It was messy and wet. You didn't expect it to be elegant, but it was hot nevertheless; not only heat, but an extremely sensual exchange. As you two kissed, one of your hands nestled at the nape of his neck, gently tugging on a handful of hair. His tongue wriggled aimlessly as you tried to guide him with your own. There were moments where he forgot to breathe, which was followed by a sudden exhale that warmed your skin. All the while, you were still straddling his cock, which you could feel throbbing against you, still separated by cloth. It was begging to be touched, but you didn't want to move too fast.

After a few moments, you pulled at the hair at his nape to separate yourselves, which was extremely difficult to do. You two had essentially melded together, and you didn't want to lose sight of his erotic face. Saliva glistened on his lips as he attempted to catch his breath.

You moved from off his hips and began to fully undress. He still laid there for a moment, trying to catch his composure, and then began to untie his pants. He stood at the edge of the bed, completely naked; his chiseled body was covered in sweat, with his long ponytail disheveled and hair sticking to his face. Just as he stood, his cock was erect as well, waiting for the next command.

You weren't expecting to blow him, but you had to get a closer look. His dick was long and thick, as expected from the infamous spear. It had a little bit of an upward curve that looked like it would perfectly hit the right spots. You couldn't help but wonder how far you could take it. As you examined him, you could feel Tonbo's glare, watching your every move.

Opening your mouth wide, you began to lick the tip, using your tongue to trail around the head; as you did so, it began to throb and he whimpered. You let a trail of spit drip down to lubricate, as you would soon be attempting to fit it in your mouth. You knew you couldn't get all of the length, but you'd at least try for half. Slowly, you started to move your mouth forward and back. More and more saliva kept building up, only making it messier.

Tonbo braced himself by putting one arm on your shoulder. You could see his knees wanting to give out; not because he was weak. But he was coming close.

You pulled yourself away from his cock, which was now shining with your spit.

Standing yourself up, you wiped the edges of your mouth and said, “Start out slow, okay?”

His head lowered slightly in an acquiescent bow, “Of course, Master.”

You moved away from the bed and toward the nearby wall. With your back flat against it's surface, you beckoned for Tonbokiri to come over. He moved as close as he could toward you without touching, then stopped. He was much taller than you; this would take some positioning.

You expected the wall to be a good place to start, as he could use his sheer strength and size to lift you while you were still being supported. You lifted one of your legs, as the other stood on it's tippy-toes. Tonbokiri must have thought you were ready and began blindly rubbing against you. Though it wasn't inserted, you were wet enough that it lubricated the outside, as well. He was grinding against you, which only made things worse. Where before you were trying to calculate the height and angle for insertion, your mind began to fade as he stimulated your clit.

For any normal-sized human, this probably wouldn't have worked out nearly as well. But with Tonbo's utter size, it felt amazing. As much as you wanted him inside, you couldn't stop him. Arching your back gave a completely different sensation that followed with an airy whine. He continued to thrust, placing his arms on the wall as leverage.

You could feel yourself getting more and more wet, as the friction lessened. Without warning, he slid effortlessly inside. Both of you let out a cry simultaneously. Tonbo was startled at first, thinking that maybe he had hurt you. But he looked at your face and saw your eyes nearly rolled back into your skull. His member pressed against every wall and it felt like you were going to burst. To your amazement, almost all of it fit, though he was basically stuffed inside. He could feel it, too. Every muscle wrapped around him tightly, squeezing. Never had he felt something so intimate, as if you two were now fused together.

You gathered your courage and raised your hips. You could feel each inch as it slid out. He pushed himself back into you this time and the force moved you up the wall. You attempted to wrap your arms around his chest, but your fingertips didn't meet at the back. His shoulder muscles bulged under your palms, as he moved his hands to grip your waist. The pressure was firm, but not painful. Slowly, each thrust increased in speed until there was a rhythm both of you could handle. You couldn't stop moaning; there was no way you could stay quiet. The cries were literally being slammed out of you with each progressive drive, his cock hitting your most sensitive spot directly.

At this point, you couldn’t help but to be a mess. It was as if every consecutive thrust made you lose your mind. Fucked senseless, it was difficult to almost stay awake. Embarrassingly enough, you wished for him to simply have his way and annihilate you until you couldn't move anymore.

But this wasn't just about him getting off. Tonbokiri's only purpose was to serve you, and he made that very clear. Everyday, he would make sure to help you in anyway possible and never leave your side. If it meant risking his life, it was nothing but his obligation to do so. Though this initially started as you offering to relieve him of his lust, you knew he would do everything he could to ensure the pleasure was mutual.

You wrapped both legs around his hips, locking your ankles behind him. With that, he pulled a little bit away from the wall to gain leverage and tightened his grip. You could feel his thumbs digging into your pelvis while his fingers pressed against the soft cushion of your sides. If he wanted to, you were certain he could crush you in his grip. You had seen many a man and monster slain by those hands.

Once his positioning was right, he began to ram even harder into you. His specialty as a spear was apparent, if it wasn't before. He repeatedly jabbed into you and you could feel an aching feeling ever-growing, spreading like a flame, manifesting deep in your gut. You began to climax and it was more extreme than any you had experienced before. You could feel yourself spasming and tightening around his girth, gasping moans escaping from your lungs.

“Master...” he replied in a raspy groan.

It looked like he was trying to say more, but it was only followed by a final thrust. His cock throbbed more vigorously as his cum shot through you. The hot liquid filled every crevice and continued to drip onto the floor under you. As if his strength was milked from him, you could feel his body pressing against you as he struggled to stand. Sanwiched between him and the wall, the pressure was intense.

After regaining a bit of composure, he continued to stay inside and placed a palm against your cheek. His smile warmed you up even more than the load he expelled. You unwrapped yourself from his hips, but immediately found yourself braced against him, due to your wobbly legs. He seemed a little out of breath, but mainly relieved.

He moved his hand to the back of your head and his other held you at the curve of your spine, pulling you in closer. Your bodies were hot and sticky, but his embrace was comforting. You felt a light tap on your head and heard a quiet smooch.


“Let's get you cleaned up, Master.”