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Those who wander at night.

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Chapter One: How the thought was concieved

Ichigo Kurosaki was an average college student; he kept good grades, went to parties, and hung out with his friends. However, he would always walk at night once everyone else was asleep in their beds. It was because of this that he was walking on the private trail that the university had created.

Little did he know, someone had been watching him. Studying him. Learning his nightly routine. Just waiting for his opportunity to seize control of what he felt was OWED to him. So he waited for his obsession to arrive onto the trail and take his usual trek deep within the woods he now knew like the back of his hand.

Oh yes... he thought as an insidious, sinister smile threatened to split his face in two. Tonight he will be mine to play with. Mine to break, and abandon. Oh yes, tonight will be the best night if my life.

It wasn't until around midnight that he showed up; wearing yet another pair of skin tight running shorts along with a sleeveless athletic top that clung to his every muscle and curve. Seeing as Ichigo had his headphones on, he decided now was the best time to follow his prey