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Top Shelf Sundae

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One of Kurt’s favorite things about his job is that he can work from anywhere, which means that he has the ability to travel and still meet his deadlines. His boss at is also more than willing to send him to different cities, since he has proven time and again that he has a remarkable eye for local trends. When he’s really lucky, his trips coincide with Blaine’s road games, allowing Kurt to spend some extra time with his husband if they plan it right.

On more seldom occasions, Kurt attends Blaine’s games. Usually, they’ll meet up afterward at Kurt’s hotel, but sometimes, he likes to surprise Blaine by showing up at whatever venue the Blue Jackets are playing and cheering him on. It’s a little strange when the majority of the arena is rooting for the other team, and Kurt isn’t shy about sticking up for Blaine and his teammates. He’s gotten into a couple near-fights over it, actually, but he’ll be damned if he’d let some punk trash talk his man or their friends.

It’s one of those rare nights, and they are in Chicago. The game is in overtime, and Kurt pulls his sweater tighter, trying to keep warm despite being pressed between two families of Blackhawks fans. His row is right next to the Blue Jackets’ bench, though, so getting see Blaine between shifts makes up for his discomfort.

Kurt sighs in relief when one of Blaine’s teammates finally manages to shoot the puck into the net, ending the game. It’s late, and Kurt hasn’t seen Blaine in person for a couple of weeks, so he’s more than a little eager to spend some quality time with him.

Standing up and stretching his arms over his head, Kurt allows the people sitting to his left to pass by him, shooting them satisfied smirks just because he can. He then walks over to the glass that separates his row from the bench area.

Blaine catches his eye and waves, and through the various gestures they’ve perfected over the years, he indicates that he’ll meet Kurt outside the locker room. Kurt nods and blows Blaine a kiss, and then he watches a few kids crowd around the player’s bench, hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite players. Kurt has grown to truly appreciate how much the team does for children, from different charities and school visits, to hockey camps and scholarships. He knows that Blaine doesn’t mind doing press and other functions, but it’s always the events involving kids that Blaine gets genuinely excited about.

All the kids stare in awe as the players walk by. Some of the guys wave or give high fives. Kurt notices a little girl standing on the end of the bench, with an older man standing behind her to make sure she doesn’t fall. She has to be six or seven, her hair in braids and a missing front tooth visible as she grins broadly. She’s wearing an ‘Anderson’ jersey that’s so big it hangs down past her knees, and Kurt sees her face light up as Blaine approaches her. Blaine’s helmet perched is on top of his head and his forehead is matted with sweaty curls, and he looks exhausted, but he smiles brightly as he gives the little girl a fist bump. Blaine’s gloved hand looks huge compared to hers, and the sight of it makes Kurt melt.

The girl says something, and then Blaine leans in close to her and hands her his stick. Her eyes widen as Blaine winks, and Kurt can just barely catch him say “it’s yours” before walking away. The girl’s smile is like no other, and she starts squealing and giggling so loudly that even the bulky security guard at the exit starts laughing.

Kurt feels something pulling in his gut. Blaine is such an amazing man, and it’s little things like giving a stick to a random little girl that make Kurt’s emotions start to spiral out of control. He practically runs to the locker room area, needing to get to Blaine as soon as possible.

He gets there just in time to see the first couple of players come out. Kurt is grateful that they aren’t in Columbus, because there are only a few fans hanging out instead of a small crowd. He doesn’t think he would have the patience to wait as Blaine signed autographs and took selfies, which he always does because he’s Blaine.

Kurt is pacing by the time Blaine walks out and he wastes no time, running toward him and throwing his arms around Blaine’s neck.

“You. Are. Ridiculous,” Kurt says, peppering Blaine’s face with kisses and not caring in the slightest about who is watching.

“Whoa, hey,” Blaine laughs, catching Kurt’s lips. “Missed you, too.”

Kurt pulls back and shakes his head fondly. “You made that girl’s night.”

“Ah, you saw that?” Blaine smiles sheepishly, ducking his head and scrunching his nose. It makes Kurt want to kiss him senseless. “I don’t know why I did that.”

“I do.” Kurt grabs Blaine’s hand and starts to lead them down the hallway. “It’s because you are the most wonderful man on the planet.”

“I think you’re a little biased, Mr. Hummel-Anderson.”

“Nonsense,” Kurt says, swinging their intertwined hands between them. He brings his other hand up and pinches his thumb and forefinger together. “I am this close to demanding babies.”

Kurt grins as Blaine throws his head back and laughs. They’d talked about starting a family, back when they first got married and everyone seemed to wonder when they would take that next step. Ultimately, they decided that while kids were great, their lives were too hectic and unpredictable, and they didn’t want to raise a child when one of them was away most of the time. Still, there were moments, especially after watching Blaine interact with children and how easily it came to him, that Kurt wondered what if.

They walked in silence out of the arena, happy to just be in each other’s space again.

“For the record, I think that we would be awesome dads,” Blaine says as they get into Kurt’s rental car.

Kurt leans over and kisses him softly. “Yeah, we would.”