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Feedback Fest 2018

International Fanworks Day is nearly here! We're kicking off the celebrations early with Feedback Fest, one of our planned events!

How does it work?

We know you love fanworks, that's why you're here reading this! So get specific.

Leave a comment here recommending at least three fanworks, and say something about why you love these works and think others should check them out. You can also link to a rec post you've made elsewhere and tagged with #IFDFest. Remember that fan communities, newsletters, archives, and other resources are fanworks too so there are a lot of possibilities.

But there's more! We will be offering one prize each to 4 randomly selected participants. Those prizes are:

  1. A copy of the limited edition Ghosts of Albion anthology Initiation signed by co-authors Amber Benson and Christopher Golden (#569 of 750 copies)
  2. Copies of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics series, issues #1-4
  3. Brazen by Penelope Bagieu
  4. The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang

Thank you to First Second Books and Akasha for donating the prizes. These prizes will be shipped internationally so everyone can take part. To be eligible for a prize make your rec comment/post no later than February 16th and include a "YES" in it so we'll know to include you. And for everyone checking out the recced fanworks, don't forget to leave comments, likes, kudos or other love to those fan creators to help spread the squee!

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