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As people get ready to celebrate the end of 2017 in one way or another, we'd like to thank our users for their patience and supportive comments as we navigated downtimes, spam problems, and bumpy infrastructure upgrades together. We accomplished a lot of what we had hoped to tackle this year, and added a lot more to the to-do list for next year. Thanks for sticking with us!

As you might know, we've had to disable invite requests for existing users (due to abuse by spammers) and decrease the number of invites we automatically send out from our queue (ditto). As a result, people have had to wait to create an AO3 account for longer than we'd like. So, for the holidays, we're giving 1 shareable invite to every existing account that:

  • currently doesn't have any invites, and
  • is older than half a year, and
  • has left at least 10 comments, or posted at least 1 work

(Sorry, we had to ensure we don't accidentally let the spammers invite all their spammer friends, so some restrictions apply.)

Check out our FAQ (available in a whole lot of languages) to read up on how to send an invite. You can either email the invite code, or copy-paste the code to share it with people through other means. In that case, our FAQ contains some information on how to use an invite code to create an account.

Happy gifting!