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2014-05-12 13:59:57 -0400

This deploy includes code contributions by Ariana, Elz, Enigel, sarken, and tuff_ghost, and was tested by Ariana, briar, Emilie K., Lady Oscar, Priscilla, Runt, and sarken. Many, many thanks again to Enigel for code review and merging!


  • Tag Wrangling
    • We deployed a new bulk action tool that allows wranglers to work more efficiently from fandom tag pages! They can now select a bunch of tags and and perform an action on all of them—for instance, to move several Character or Addtional tags to their appropriate fandom, or to the No Fandom category. This will help free up wrangler time significantly by optimising some of their most repetitive tasks and allowing them to spend more time on tasks which require decision-making and offer more direct benefit to users, such as connecting tags with similar meanings and marking new canonical tags.
    • Links that were also tags automatically got a dotted line underneath, which affected button-styled links on several wrangling pages. We have now cleaned up that portion of our CSS.
  • Works
    • MOBI files, particularly of one-chapter works, mysteriously stopped working in Kindle devices after our last deploy. We tweaked our code to take care of the errors, and continue to work on an overhaul of our download tool—coming soon!
    • A "Discard Draft" button was erroneously showing up when editing chapters that were already posted. Pressing that button (to discard changes) would delete the chapter. >_
    • The "Hide the share buttons on my work." preference only removed the Tumblr and Twitter links from the sharing options. It now completely hides the "Share" button from your works (unless your co-creator does want to display it). Please note that other users can still link to your work from other sites.
    • When adding your works to an unrevealed or anonymous collection (e.g. for a gift exchange), they would still look "posted" to you in a work listing, possibly causing a brief moment of panic. Titles in your blurbs are now preceeded by "Anonymous:" or "Unrevealed:" where applicable, so you can be sure things appear properly hidden to others.
    • When posting or importing a work, adding an external bookmark, or searching for a work, the available categories (Gen, F/F, F/M, etc.) were listed in a seemingly random order. They now appear in alphabetical order everywhere.
    • The metadata for a series (name of creator, series begun and updated, number of works, total word count, etc.) was displayed in a weird order and was missing some information. It has now been re-ordered, and the number of bookmarks was added to the stats.
    • On works or AO3 News posts with very many comments, nested replies would become squished and unreadable on small screens. This has been fixed to allow for better readability on mobile devices.
  • Bookmarks
    • When using the "Save" button on a list of bookmarks, the autocomplete for the "Your Tags" field would show all suggestions in one messy line (or several). It now displays an orderly list.
    • When logged in as an admin and editing an external bookmark—for instance, to add proper warnings—the list of available warnings showed up as a jumble. It now displays correctly as a list.
    • Fixed some inconsistencies with the "Show Most Recent Bookmarks" button on bookmark listings.
  • Front-End Clean-Ups
    • The navigation on a user's Skins page was confusing and did not distinguish sufficiently between the different Site Skins and Work Skins options. The arrangement of the buttons has been improved and titles for the pages in that area were changed for added clarity.
    • When submitting a Site Skin for potential public use, the "Not yet reviewed" or "Approved" label (as applicable) was hidden behind the skin's preview icon. They now display correctly.
    • On a user's dashboard page, the button for going to the user's works (from the latest five displayed) was on a grey background; the buttons for all series and all bookmarks were not. All boxes now sport the proper grey border at the bottom.
    • On a user's profile page, the HTML mark-up included an empty <h3> element even if no title for that page was entered by the user. This has been fixed.
    • In a challenge sign-up with required fields (e.g. at least one fandom per request), the required fields weren't sufficiently marked as such. They now sport an asterisk* and proper mark-up.
    • Our stylesheets include links to our Front-End documentation for more information. We moved our documentation to GitHub a while ago, and have now updated the links accordingly.
    • Removed header styles from sandbox CSS file.

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page for current issues.