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2010-09-12 19:51:28 -0400

Welcome to Revision 2998, up from 2850. 8 different coders worked on this release! \0/ [sparkles]



Refactoring, performance fixes and automated tests

Our senior coders have been continuing to work on refactoring, performance fixes and automated tests in preparation for our upgrade to a newer version of Rails, the programming language the Archive is made in.


Skins are here at long last! You can now choose how the Archive displays fonts and colors when you're logged in to your account.

We have a few site skins ready-made for you. You can see a quick preview and the code we use to make them at the skins page. Now, when you look under "My Preferences", there is a drop-down menu that lets you choose a different look and feel for the archive. For more details on how to create and use Skins, please check out our Skins Tutorial.

This is just the beginning. Skins are still in beta, and we have some great plans for the future, including a much better Wizard to help people create their own skins.

Ebook downloads

Lots of fans asked for this, and we're very happy to be able to release it at last - we've added the option to download stories for your ebook reader. You can choose from epub, mobi and PDF formats.

Minimize your user page's inclusion in search engines

We've added a new preference, to minimize your user page's inclusion in search engine results. This isn't a guarantee, as not all search engines respect the guidelines, but it will help. This setting currently only affects your user profile - the next release will apply it to your works as well. However, if you want to make absolutely sure your works don't appear in search engines, you'll need to lock them to Archive users only.

Changing "Pairings" to "Relationships"

In order to reflect the purpose of the field more accurately, we have changed the 'Pairings' label on works to 'Relationships'. We think this better reflects the diversity of romantic configurations as well as encouraging people to include friendships in this field (this was always the plan, but we didn't advertise it well!).

Friendship tags work the same as pairing tags have worked in the past and, once the wranglers have wrangled them, take the canonical form "Sha Gojyo & Cho Hakkai", so this is what your friendship tags will look like in filters!

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page.

Release details


  • Introduction of Archive skins! This involved many, many separate code issues!

  • Added the option to download works in mobile formats

  • 'Read later' button - adds the work to your viewing history (if you have it enabled) and flags it as unread.

  • Moved revision number from the header to the footer, for greater prettiness.

  • Added sparkly logo for Archive birthday!

  • Changed 'pairings' to 'relationships' across the Archive.

  • Added lots more automated tests for collections, skins, chapter rearrangement, autocompletes, tag wrangling, visibility, series rearrangement, support form and CSS sanitization.

  • Split different advanced search types onto separate pages.

  • Added the option to minimize the inclusion of works and user profiles in search engines.

  • Added lots and lots of new options for colored text!

  • Added the option to mark series as works in progress or complete.

  • Added a feature to suggest posting a work or bookmark to users who have nothing on their user homepage.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for broken bookmark autocomplete.

  • Text areas (like the post work form) were affected by a very annoying bug in IE8, which made the text jump after every edit. We added an IE8-specific style sheet to get around IE8's bugginess.

  • Fix for bug which caused errors when wranglers added synonyms to a canonical freeform tag.

  • Importing works: Ensured that the original posted-on date is preserved when a work is imported form another site.

  • Fix for bug preventing the creation of new series.

  • Fix for bug which erroneously caused works to appear as if they belonged to collections.

  • Ensured that users will not see the date in their local time if it is the same as the Archive default time (so they don't see the same date twice).

  • Fix for some inaccuracies in character counter.

  • Fix for overzealous imports from Yuletide - these no longer import navigation!

  • Changed outdated 'challenges' link in site map.

  • Ensured that works still get added to history when read chapter-by-chapter.

  • Ensured that 'add to collection' link appeared when viewing works chapter-by-chapter.

  • Ensured that 'redirect to back' will work without an error for users who have set their browsers not to send referrer information.

  • Ensured that running our automated tests does not send test messages to our Support bug tracker!

  • Fixed minor inconsistencies in HTML and grammar of our TOS.

  • Added a hyphen on the Archive homepage.

  • Fixed a problem causing the wrong name to appear in notifications for co-authors.