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2014-04-24 18:40:42 UTC

This deploy includes code contributions by Ariana, Emily E., Lady Oscar, Nathan J. Xaxson, Sarken, and Scott and was tested by Ariana, Camilla M., Emilie, james_, Lady Oscar, mumble, Qem, Runt, and Sarken. Special thanks to Enigel for code review and merging, and to james_ for his work on automated code deploys to our testing environment!


  • Works
    • Previously, a work's language setting was not visible anywhere on the work. It now appears in the blurb in work listings, and as part of the meta-data at the top of a work. This should help users in finding works in a desired language, and also make it easier for a creator to tell if they have correctly set the language on their work.
    • The "Find gifts for:" search box at the top of a Gift Exchange's works page was giving an Error 500 regardless of what was entered. Now, it correctly searches the Gift Exchange for gifts for a particular user.
    • If an Archivist importing a work for someone else (e.g., as part of rescuing an at-risk archive) filled out the required Author Name and Author Email but failed to tick the "Import for others ONLY with permission" box the work would be imported as their own rather than with the proper author information. Attempting to do this now gives an error message.
    • In the meta-data box at the top of a work, textual information (e.g. the name of a collection the work was added to) was aligned differently than tag information (e.g. fandoms or characters), making some lines stick out. Everything is now aligned correctly.
    • Sometimes on smaller screens (such as mobile devices) the stats line at the top of a work (hits, kudos, comments, etc.) wrapped oddly, causing two labels to display side-by-side instead of in front of their respective numbers. This has been fixed.
  • Fun With(out) JavaScript
    • Attempting to delete a draft with the button on the Drafts listing didn't work without JavaScript. Now, it does.
    • It was previously impossible to delete a bookmark without JavaScript; this is now fixed.
    • It's now possible to delete challenge sign-ups (either your own, or as a challenge moderator) without JavaScript.
    • You can now delete work chapters without JavaScript enabled.
  • Special Character Extravaganza
    • < and > symbols in work, chapter, and series titles were appearing as the HTML codes "&lt;" and "&gt;" in various places; they should now show up properly.
    • Ampersands (&) in work titles were appearing as the HTML code "&amp;" on bookmarks and in the flash messages that appear when subscribing to or unsubscribing from the work. This is now fixed.
    • Ampersands (&) in series names were appearing as the HTML code "&amp;" in some places; they should now show up properly.
  • Misc.
    • Archive admins can send an email to all users or to a group of users, e.g. about important site updates. Previously, those email messages would go out without the subject entered by the admin. They now include the subject.
    • Gift notification emails used fic-centric language ("a gift story"). This has been changed to "a gift work".
    • Fixed a long-standing problem that collection header image URLs needed to be prefixed by "http://". The form will now accept URLs starting with just www.
    • The flash message that appears after subscribing to a work, creator, or series now contains a link to the user's Subscriptions page for convenience.
    • Help boxes were using "em" (emphasis) tags to set off text the user should input and the text that would be returned. They now use the more correct "kbd" tags for input and "samp" tags for output.

Known Issues

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