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2014-04-17 17:49:23 -0400

This deploy includes code contributions by Ariana, Cecilia, Emily E., Lady Oscar, Nathan J. Xaxson, Priscilla, sarken, Scott, and tuff_ghost and was tested by Ariana, Camilla M., Lady Oscar, matty, Qem, Sam Johnsson, sarken, Scott, and theteapot. Special thanks to Enigel for code review and merging!


  • Collections & Challenges
    • The page listing all Collections can now be filtered by type: Gift Exchange, Prompt Meme, No Challenge, Any. The buttons for sorting results have been moved into the sidebar to be consistent with the "Sort and Filter" box for works.
    • If a user had multiple assignments in the same gift exchange (e.g. as a pinch hitter), the page heading was showing its HTML code. This has been fixed.
    • Having a work with a co-creator on some chapters, but not others, would partly break anonymity when adding the work to an anonymous collection. It now displays the "by Anonymous" bylines on all chapters.
    • Added some wording to the page for creating a collection to make it more obvious that spaces are not allowed in the Collection Name field. Also explicitly added this information to the error message that appears when a user tries to create a collection with an invalid Collection Name.
  • Works & Series
    • Large images in a work were cut off on small screens, e.g. phones. Users can now scroll to the side to see the whole picture, even if zooming out to fit the image on the screen isn't possible.
    • When the preference "Hide additional tags (you can still choose to show them)" was selected, clicking to reveal the tags on a work would show them in alphabetical order, not the order they were put in by the creator. This has been fixed.
    • The "Edit Tags" option, when used on an unposted draft, previously offered no way to re-save as a draft, only buttons for previewing and posting. A "Save Without Posting" button has now been added.
    • The "Works inspired by this one" link wasn't visible on the inspiring work if that work's last chapter was still a draft. This was fixed to show the note on the last posted chapter.
    • When deleting a work or chapter, a confirmation pop-up would ask you if you were really sure, but wouldn't spell out all the consequences for each. For works, it now says, "Are you sure you want to delete this work? This will destroy all comments and kudos on this work as well and CANNOT BE UNDONE!" For chapters, "Are you sure you want to delete this chapter?"
    • The plain text version of the email you get when you delete a work referred to "your story"; it now properly says "your work".
    • A series can now be properly deleted even when JavaScript is turned off.
    • In the series description, right-to-left text was forced into left alignment. This has been fixed for all fields containing descriptive user input or blocks of information, e.g. on user or collection profiles.
    • On the page for orphaning a series, some text was accidentally showing a bit of HTML formatting code. Now it does not.
    • The preference to hide work skins used to say "Hide other people's work skins", even though it hides all work skins, including your own. It now says "Hide work skins (you can still choose to show them)".
  • Statistics
    • Choosing to hide hit counts (whether on your works or Archive-wide) would also hide the sort by date option on your Stats page. This has been fixed.
    • The option to pick between "Fandoms" and "Flat" view on one's Statistics page was one toggle; we changed it to always show both buttons, with the selected one marked.
    • Draft works were showing up on one's Statistics page (with zero hits, kudos, etc.). The Stats page will now only list posted works.
  • Tags
    • Selecting the option to keep tags in a tag set hidden (e.g. during nominations) would hide the whole tag set from searches. The tag set is now findable by name, even if the tags in it aren't visible (yet).
    • We added the tag type to some links on tag wrangle pages, and some other text for clarity.
    • Based on feedback from tag wranglers and requests from the Tag Wrangling committee, we removed the 'Add new tags' field from tag wrangle pages to reduce clutter and simplify wrangling. The field only allowed adding canonical tags, and duplicated a function available on the tag edit page for the fandom.
    • On tag wrangling pages, links such as "Show All", "Canonical", etc. now turn into span elements to indicate the current selection. This is consistent with the behavior of navigation links everywhere else on the Archive.
  • Misc.
    • Updated the list of supported languages on our Support form. You can now send in questions and suggestions in العربية, Bahasa Indonesia, Deutsch, English, español, français, 한국어, italiano, Kiswahili, Nederlands, polski, português, suomi, svenska, Türkçe, and 中文!
    • The confirmation pop-up when deleting one's History now points out that this will also delete the "Marked For Later" list.
    • The "Marked For Later" button now retains its "pressed" appearance when viewing pages other than the first.
    • Cleaned up and standardized some navigation elements on the pages for changing one's username, password, or email address.
    • The help text for the "Plain text with limited HTML" option for comment replies was opening in the same window, potentially leading to loss of information you had already put into the comment text box. It now opens in the usual help text window.
    • The page for creating an account said, "You need to be over 13 years old to become a registered member of the archive. (Sorry to our younger readers! You'll be more than welcome when the time comes.)" - focusing specifically on written fanworks. It now addresses "anyone younger."
    • We added text to the Skin Wizard page to clarify that the wizard can only be used to create site skins. We also updated the help text for the "Percent of base font size (%)" box to better describe how it works.
    • In Internet Explorer 9, the HTML download display used the wrong font, due to a combination of a bug in IE9 and our stylesheets. We've amended our stylesheets to prevent this from happening.

Known Issues

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