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As you might have noticed if you're following our Release Notes, we've been focusing on humdrum back-end updates for quite a while now. Words like "test coverage" and "strong parameters" have featured prominently in every change log for almost a year, and we haven't been able to focus on more visible features and fixes. However, progress is being made, and thanks to your donations we have the financial means to work with contractors for a good part of these updates!

Having worked with a few other contractors in the past, primarily on smaller fixes to our codebase, we now have a stellar team that's been by our side for much of our big Rails upgrade, and will hopefully stay on for a few more projects after that. \o/

However, it's important to note that being able to afford contractors doesn't mean that all the work gets done right away. (Alas.) Our small team of volunteer coders and testers still has to thoroughly review and test all code submissions, while still living up to their pesky "real life" commitments. Bugs can still take days to solve, whether the person elbow-deep in code is being paid or not. And unforeseen problems affecting site stability and security still take precedence above all else, tying up volunteer time. (This is also the reason major code updates have been delayed for so long: there's always another fire to put out!)

As a result, the slog through our outdated code will take a while longer, and progress will seem slow from the user side. We are currently on Rails 3.2 and our upgrade will take us to the latest version of Rails 5. (Anyone familiar with Rails knows that this is quite a bit of work.) And once we’re done with the Rails work, we need to upgrade Elasticsearch, which powers the Archive's search and filtering functionality. After that's all done, we'll take a little nap we can go back to more exciting and significantly more visible projects!

We want to thank you for bearing with us through it all, and for the donations that make it possible to outsource some of the workload involved in updating the Archive code. We can't always reply to comments here, and we can't respond to every tweet (even if the reaction gif is really funny), but we see you, and we appreciate you. Thanks for your support over all these years! <3