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2016-12-11 05:50:14 -0500

We fixed a handful of collection-related bugs, made life a little easier for AO3 admins, and continued to improve our automated test suite.


  • Coders: Ariana, cosette, james, Naomi, Sarken, Scott, tickinginstant
  • Code reviewers: Ariana, james, Naomi, Sarken, Scott
  • Testers: FishieMishie, Alison, Lady Oscar, mumble


Collections & Challenges

  • [AO3-4686] - The autocomplete for potential matches (in the No Recipient or No Giver tabs for gift exchange matches) would list the available matches in random order. They are now sorted by quality of the match.
  • [AO3-3380] - Posting a work and then quickly editing it to add it to an anonymous collection would result in a subscription notification with the creator's name in the title and "by Anonymous" in the body. Oops. We've now put in an extra check to make sure the work didn't suddenly become anonymous before sending out the subscription email.
  • [AO3-3686] - When signing up for a prompt meme or gift exchange with a pseud that was later deleted, the sign-up would still hang around but the actual prompt would vanish. This was very awkward and shouldn't happen anymore! (Now the whole sign-up will be transferred to the default pseud, as intended.)
  • [AO3-3788] - If a work that had been bookmarked in a collection was later deleted, collection management pages would throw errors, both for the collection maintainer and the bookmarker. That's fixed now.


  • [AO3-4636] - The importer used by Open Doors for rescuing older fanwork archives tries to detect information about the fanwork from the original archive, sometimes leading to wonky tags being created. Open Doors can now opt to turn off this automatic detection.
  • [AO3-4692] - When importing a work with two or more creators, none of whom has an Archive account, the byline on the work would only show one creator. /o\ We streamlined the byline code and fixed the issue, so credit is now given where credit was due all along.


  • [AO3-4667] - We've added a button to individual works that Archive admins can use to try and fix indexing issues that would lead, for example, to the work not showing up under the appropriate tag listings. (Note: This applies to cases where a work is not showing up in a tag listing where it should be. If a work is showing up where it should not be, this button will not fix it.)
  • [AO3-4668] - There is now also a button to queue up a whole tag for reindexing.
  • [AO3-4669] - We also gave Archive admins, e.g. Support personnel, a button to sort out some other common issues users write in about. This is still in an experimental stage and includes cases where users run into an error 500 when trying to access their subscription page.
  • [AO3-4721] - Searching for a user by username or email used to show partial matches for the name, but expect exact email addresses. It now shows partial matches for both!
  • [AO3-4703] - There used to be a page in the admin area of the Archive that had been broken for a long time, so we removed all traces of it from the code.

Automated Tests & Refactoring

  • [AO3-4689] - Better tests for deleting a prompt meme.
  • [AO3-4704] - Better tests for the wrangulator.
  • [AO3-4715] - Better tests for challenges.
  • [AO3-4739] - Better tests for skins administration.
  • [AO3-4701] - Better tests for parts of the code that specifically make sure a thing exists before proceeding (because otherwise pandemonium).
  • [AO3-4725] - As above, but specifically for user profiles.
  • [AO3-4717] - The code dealing with the admin section of the Archive was refactored and the related tests were updated.
  • [AO3-4719] - The code for work searches was likewise refactored.


  • [AO3-4723] - We added caching to fandom pages. Also, automated tests! \o/
  • [AO3-4232] - On the interstitial adult content warning page, the "If you accept cookies from our site" note was floating oddly on wide screens. It now floats where it should.
  • [AO3-4462] - We retired the Archive 1.0 site skin, in that all the related files were removed from the Archive.
  • [AO3-4474] - When justifying italicised text, the letters would get cut off by a few tiny pixels on the right, as the italics where cheekily pushing the text outside of the justified borders. We have now added a little buffer zone for those extra pixels. \o/

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page for current issues.