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2010-05-22 12:35:07 -0400

Welcome to Revision 2722, up from 2596. This revision includes quite a few exciting new features! As usual, it also represents a lot of work from a whole host of different people – designers, testers, coders, and systems admins – hurrah for everyone who works to make this project so awesome! <3

The highlights of this post are now available in Danish, German, Spanish, French, and Russian.


Advanced Search

This release includes the first version of our long-awaited Advanced Search, available for complex searches on works, tags, people and bookmarks!

You can now search on specific fields – for example, you can search specifically for works which include the character Buffy, without turning up every fic in the Buffy fandom. You can choose to search for works above or below a specific wordcount, or posted before or after a specific date. You can also make more complex search within fields – for example, you can search for works which feature Atobe Keigo OR Tezuka Kunimitsu.

This is the first version of Advanced Search – in the future we’ll be introducing a lot more enhancements, including an interface which will make it easier for you to build complex searches. However, it’s already pretty flexible – check out the help text (click on the little blue question marks) for advice on our search delimiters and how to use them. We’ll shortly be posting an update to the FAQ, too – we’re just finalising that text!

We think that the new Advanced Search will really enhance users’ experience of the Archive – it should now be much easier to find exactly the works that you want to read.

Many thanks to Sidra and Cesy for their great teamwork on this project!

Updates to the HTML Parser

The HTML parser filters and formats text posted to the Archive, making sure that tags are closed and the code will display properly. It’s a complex piece of code and we’ve been working for a while to make it faster and more efficient (not always with complete success *g*). We’ve switched to using an existing code library which does a lot of the work for us, and we’re pretty pleased with the results – users should notice some improvement in Archive performance as a result of this leaner code.

The HTML parser is one of those things that you usually only notice when it breaks! We’ve tried to test it thoroughly, but it’s hard for us to anticipate every possible bug. If you notice some unexpected formatting on your works, please don’t try to fix it – get in touch with us via our Support and Feedback form and let us know about the problem (please give us a link to the affected work). This way we can spot any bugs and fix them.

One very happy element of the new parser code is its ability to deal with <3 and \0/ without eating text or adding unexpected lines – many thanks to the wonderful Elz for her willingness to enter into battle with this troublesome code! \0/ \0/ \0/

More formatting options

We’ve added some more formatting options for works – you can now use <span class=“align-right”>, <span class=“align-center”> and <span class=“align-justify”>. The new parser also allows <p align=“center”> and so on.

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page.

Release details

Features and Enhancements

  • New Advanced Search feature! More complex searches for your delight!
  • New parser code which brings increased performance and better formatting of your works! \0/
  • Alignment options added as part of user styling.
  • Collections and challenges – we added a way for mods to contact users signed up for a challenge.
  • Collections and challenges – we added a way to see pinch hitter names from the assignment pages.
  • Collections and challenges – we added a way for mods to view and verify unrevealed works.
  • Tag wrangling – wrangler’s name now shows up on synonyms.
  • Default options for sorting made more rational.
  • Added a page displaying all works inspired by yours.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for a bug breaking the ‘post’ button for the FAQ in IE7 (admins only).
  • Fix for a bug preventing cron jobs (jobs which run at timed intervals) from running on the servers.
  • Fix for overlapping icons on the Collections index page.
  • Fix for missing ‘previous’ and ‘next’ arrows on Series metadata.
  • Fix for misbehaviour in the bookmark pop-up in IE.
  • Fix for misaligned links in comments.
  • Fix for misaligned icon on ‘New pseud’ page.
  • Fix for a problem causing an error when editing or removing a gift recipient for a work.
  • Fix for a a bug which allowed the creation of invisible titles!
  • Fix for some invalid HTML in the FAQ.
  • Fix allowing captions on tables in works.
  • Fix for problems with paragraph alignment being lost when working with the rich text editor.
  • Fix for issue causing 500 errors when invalid sort parameters were in the url.
  • Fix for issue causing 500 error when searching for an email address not in the invitations queue.
  • Fix for issue displaying the wrong warnings icon when ‘Choose not to warn’ and ‘No archive warnings apply’ were selected.
  • Collections and challenges – fix ensuring that the correct management options are visible to users with different permissions.
  • Added alt text for default user icon.
  • ‘Login’ and ‘Sign in’ changed to ‘Log in’ consistently across the site.
  • Minor HTML and orthographic fixes for the TOS.
  • Fix preventing ‘More news’ from displaying when there is no more news to be had.
  • Fix to allow the use of s tag.
  • Tag wrangling – fix preventing synonyms appearing in lists of unwrangled tags.
  • Added help popup for the symbols key on bookmarks.
  • Fix for problem preventing deselection of filter options in the Collections filter.
  • CSS fixes ensuring the same styling for blurbs across the Archive.
  • Fix for broken character counter on Collections edit.
  • Fix for overlapping elements on series page.
  • Fix for unwanted scrollbar appearing on homepage when logged out.
  • Tag wrangling – fix preventing ‘read comments’ link showing when comments are already revealed.
  • Fix removing unwanted line break before title on series reorder page.
  • Fix for collection filter – title autocomplete now matches any part of the title.
  • Fix for unwanted commas in tag filters causing validation errors.
  • Fix for problem causing errors logging in on collections page after activating the autocomplete.
  • Fix for external works bookmarklet adding unwanted cruft on the end of titles.
  • Fix for problem causing cursor to display as pointer in search field.
  • Fix for missing space in footer text.
  • Fix allowing users to go back to the default Archive icon if they delete their own.
  • Fix ensuring that chapter numbering reflects the number of chapters!
  • Fix to centre login button text.