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2010-04-23 18:40:05 -0400

Welcome to Revision 2596, up from 2500 (we also deployed a release in between with a few selected fixes for critical bugs!). This deploy comes only ten days after the last one – our teams have been busy! If you'd like to join in all this exciting development, we welcome volunteers – no experience necessary.


We now have a bookmarklet, if you like to bookmark external fic using your AO3 account. We've added a new translations feature, so you can now link your translation of someone's story to the original version. We've also started a "light style" option, which is the first step towards allowing more styling options for works!

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page.

Release details

Light style

We've introduced a new feature: "Switch to light style". You can choose to view in light style on individual works, or set it as a preference for the whole site via your preferences. At the moment, this doesn't do very much, but it's the first step towards allowing lots more styling options for works – light style will strip out styling such as font colours so that users who don't want to see heavily styled text can have a nice plain version.

You can add ?style=light to the URL on any page, and it will have the same effect, so you can use it on things like collection FAQs if you need to. Light style also skips our special font, Fertigo, so should be faster to load on things like the iPhone that like to pretend they're not mobile phones and don't use our mobile version.

You can also add some extra formatting to your stories now. The following will all work:

  • <span class='font-red'>This text will be red.</span>
  • <span class='dropcap'>This text will have drop capitals.</span>
  • <span class='flashback'>This text will be formatted in italic and should look good for a flashback in your story.</span>
  • <span class='font-serif'>This text will be in a serif font instead of sans-serif.</span>
  • <span class='font-big'>This text will be bigger than usual, but still accessible to readers with different font sizes.</span>
  • <span class='font-small'>This text will be smaller than usual, but also still accessible.</span>

External works bookmarklet

To make it easier to use our bookmarks system to bookmark works hosted outside the Archive, we've introduced a javascript bookmarklet. You can find this on the External Works page – just right-click the link on this page and save as a bookmark, or drag it to your bookmarks bar to 'install'.

Once you've added the bookmarklet to your browser, then clicking on it will open a pop-up containing the form for creating a new external work, with the url of the page you were on already filled in. Just fill in the other details and click create! You'll need to close the pop-up window when you're done.


  • Added Javascript bookmarklet for creating AO3 bookmarks for external works.
  • Added ability to specifically indicate that a work is a translation of another work.
  • Added option to not get admin notices emailed to you.
  • Added ability for admins to get comments on their posts mailed to them.
  • Limited the number of tags in the tag cloud to a slightly more reasonable number. It shows the most popular freeform tags by default and has an option to generate a cloud of random freeform tags.
  • Added the beginnings of a light style feature, which allows you to turn off more adventurous user styles (font colors, sizes, experimental formatting, etc.), which is also a lead-in to the archive allowing more adventurous user styles.


  • Improved the message you get on the invite queue page if you check on an email that isn't in the system.
  • Tweaked background colors to make comment threading easier to follow.
  • Better error pages. They mostly look the same, but they'll be much easier to maintain now.
  • Better collection filtering (you can now search on any part of the title), and fixes for errors.
  • Made the series edit page a little spiffier.
  • Improved the work header display when previewing: it should say "Chapters: 1/1" now instead of "0/1" and should list your series titles.
  • Made filters work on language-specific pages.
  • Fixed the formatting on the main languages page.
  • The edit tags page should now tell you which work you're editing.
  • The inbox will now remember what filters you're using while you mark things read/unread/etc.
  • Added actual collection icons to collection blurbs.
  • Fixed duplication of works if you'd listed more than one of your pseuds as the author of the same work.
  • Fixed search and login buttons on the front page - they should no longer change shape or color when you hover over them.
  • Added some clarifying text to the search results page.
  • Fixed gremlin error causing random 500 errors around the site.
  • Fixed issue with importer creating invalid tags when importing from LJ/DW. (Specifically, if your tag names began with "fandom: ", "character: " or "pairing: ".)
  • Fixed malformed import link on user pages.
  • Fixed pre tag formatting.
  • Stripped images from series summaries on index pages. (They'll still appear on single-series pages.)
  • Removed a stray dash from the archive footer.
  • Made sure comments on restricted works don't appear on the latest comments page for logged-out users.
  • Fixed the symbol key pop-ups that you get when you click on the rating/warning/category/etc. symbol icons.
  • Made sorting link options easier for screenreaders to register.
  • Fixed the placement of the icon on the edit pseud page.
  • Added padding to work blurbs.
  • Made it so your works don't all have a grey background on your own user pages.
  • Fixed edit buttons on blurbs (there was some overlap/misalignment in places).
  • Fixed overlapping dates on edited comments.
  • Fixed IE blurb bugs: placement of the symbol block for external bookmarks and margins between the symbols.
  • Fixed the style of headings in admin posts so that they're not the same as the main post heading.
  • Tag wrangler stuff:
    • synonyms and associations should now carry over to new canonical synonym.
    • fixed bug causing characters to be listed as the parents of fandoms.
    • fixed bug causing links to error for tags with semicolons and other symbols in their names.
    • improved sorting on the tag wrangling pages.
    • improved filtering on the tag wrangler assignment page.
    • added more information about unwrangled tags to wrangler homepages.
    • improved wording on some of the wrangling pages.
    • wrangling pairings by character should now remember what fandom you're wrangling between updates.
    • added metatag column to wrangling table for canonical tags.
    • cleaned up the database to get rid of unused columns and data.