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2010-04-12 01:33:14 -0400

Welcome to Revision 2500, up from 2452. We kind of like how nice, round and even this revision number is. We also welcome kendappa back after a long absence. \o/

ETA: Release was deployed 24 hours later with a critical fix for assignments (you can view them now!) and some Opera fixes because we had them ready to go :)


  • Matching code for Challenges!

Known Issues

Please see Known Issues.

Release Details

Bug fixes

  • Fixed comma problem for tag wrangling - mass wrangle.
  • Fixed Challenge signups being visible to other users via URL.
  • Fixed link in Challenge Assignment email.
  • Fixed overlapping series blurb icons.
  • Fixed deleting signups causing matching to crash.
  • Fixed extra comma appearing when creating parent Collection.
  • Fixed problem stopping users from editing multiple works.
  • Fixed bug with 'Fulfil assignments' link.
  • Fixed related works causing errors when the parent or the work is deleted.
  • Fixed adding an Inspired by work creating two related works for the same work.
  • Fixed sign-up edits going to wrong collection.


  • Added ability to cite an external work as a remix inspiration.
  • Added 'after' task for updating existing gifts.
  • Added redirect for bots with no referrer (to homepage).
  • Added 'Download' option for Challenge mods to export an excel file of challenge information.
  • Added pagination to Challenge matching page.
  • Added alert reminder to regenerate matches after editing.
  • Added ability to abort match generating for a Challenge.
  • Added more styling for navigation links/buttons in tables, to make them more compact