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2010-04-03 12:21:49 -0400

Welcome to Revision 2452, up from 2380. This release tackles a number of front-end bugs and adds a few enhancements. We're happy to welcome first commits from new coders Amy, linbot and queenypolita.


  • New plain text skin - this replaces the icons in the works blurb with text. We'll be adding many more skins options in the near future, but for now you can enable this one via your preferences.
  • Fixed the bug which was preventing commenting in IE7.

Known Issues

Please see Known Issues.

Release Details

Bug fixes

  • Release (emergency revision before this one): fixed validation problem preventing challenge sign-ups with certain urls.
  • Fixed issue preventing commenting in IE7.
  • Fixed problem with layout of 'Add comment' on tag wrangling pages.
  • Fixed bug causing the Terms of Service to overspill their box when validation failed during account creation.
  • Fixed display issue with long titles overlapping the date on inbox comments.
  • Fixed problem with the display of blockquotes in comments.
  • Fixed problem causing multiple commas and other display issues on the works blurb in IE7.
  • Fixed display problem displacing index of admin posts (admin view).
  • Fixed problem where full comment notification was not stored in the database.
  • Updated logo on session pages.
  • Fixed display problems with end notes on work preview.
  • Fixed formatting on navigation for tag wrangling discussion.
  • Fixed display issues on bookmarks index.
  • Fixed styling inconsistencies on navigation for Collection Management.
  • Fixed styling issues on admin views of user pages.
  • Decreased size of notes field on bookmarks for better display.
  • Fixed overlap issues with stats and edit buttons on works you own.
  • Fixed display issues with admin posts in IE7.
  • Fixed problem causing missing navigation on some collections.
  • Fixed problem causing empty ul on challenge sign-up pages.
  • Fixed display issue with chapter navigation.
  • Restored the new comment form to being hidden by default.
  • Fixed problem causing 500 errors when trying to access non-existent collections.
  • Fixed problem with sorting on tag wrangling pages.
  • Added alt text for icons on tag wrangling home.
  • Added better redirect after mass wrangling tags.
  • Fixed problem where tag category menu was hidden on wrangling pages if it had no existing tags.
  • Fixed display issue where works blurb partly covered 'My Works' link in user dashboard.
  • Fixed display issues with icons in comments in user inbox.
  • Fixed problem with icon layouts on people and pseuds page.
  • Added meta information for Archive homepage.
  • Fixed problems with 'inspired by' notifications for anonymous works.
  • Fixed bug where filtering for authors and reccers was bringing up 'empty' users.
  • Added colon after 'Series' link in the work meta.


  • Updated the text in the 'first login' pop-up to reflect new warnings wording and to be more inclusive.
  • Added a preference for a plain text skin.
  • Changed Archive icons so that they are displayed by CSS image replacement. (Allowed us to introduce the plain text skin.
  • Reorganised and styled user preferences.
  • Improved behaviour of Viewing History so that rereading a work moves it back to the top of your history.
  • Added comment notifications for tag wrangling comments.
  • Added link to bookmarks from stats on work view page.
  • Added link from the home page to the full News index.
  • Added more information in notification emails for 'Inspired by' works.
  • Optimised fonts for quicker download. Custom font will no longer be shown on handheld devices (except those, like the IPhone, which ignore handheld stylesheets.
  • Added pagination at the top as well as the bottom of Collections.
  • Renamed external bookmark link, and added link to it on all bookmark pages.