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2009-11-07 16:44:49 -0500

Welcome to Revision 1692, up from 1585. This is a small release and mostly contains the Invitations code, a lot of translatability, IE7 optimising and various fixes.

Our next deploy will probably be in two weeks and contain groundwork code for Collections and Challenges.


  • We have a new front page! Again! This should look better on small screens and with variable font sizes.
  • Invitations code is in - it will continue to be polished so when we launch Open Beta feedback is welcomed.
  • First Login help page created

Known Issues

See Known Issues page

Next Projects

  • Open Beta
  • Ongoing work on Collections & Challenges (Yuletide pilot)
  • Ongoing work on optimising for IE7
  • Performance - fast page loading, fast searching etc.

Release Details


  • Fixed some issues with the importer
  • Fixed autocomplete drop downs on Post Work form
  • Fixed tag links on View All Series page
  • Fixed inability to display nested lists in post work and news posts
  • Fixed error messages and form breaking for Title and Location fields in Edit Profile
  • Fixed problem with not seeing changes in Preview when editing a chapter
  • Fixed problem with searching then sorting by Author and Title
  • Fixed synonyms showing up on 'fandoms' page
  • Fixed problem with validation while creating an account using OpenID

New Things

  • Added Invitations code
  • Added special help for new users on first login \o/
  • Added more translation strings - this is not visible to users but is a significant piece of work.
  • Added 'back to the top' link for works and chapters
  • Added 'Languages/Translation' option to Support form
  • Added 'help' file to search filters
  • Added 'Languages' link to Site Map


  • Changed display of filters for Category and Rating to radio buttons - they revert to tickyboxes after use (click 'Filter Works') to allow you to unselect it.
  • Changed comment text entry box to resize with page
  • Changed success message on 'forgot password' page to be more meaningful
  • Changed text on Support page to be more meaningful
  • Changed limit on Notes field to 5,000 characters
  • Changed browser title bar to show meaningful information while viewing chapters
  • Changed allowed html lists - they should be up to date now
  • More IE7 optimising :)