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2010-03-27 06:28:44 -0400

Help review the Archive FAQ!

Our goal for the Archive of Our Own is that it should be as accessible and usable as possible. An important aspect of this is documentation - we want our FAQ to be clear and useful. It's a big job writing documentation for a site like the Archive, and we'd love our users' feedback. When we have completed our review of the FAQ, our wonderful translators will be translating it, making the Archive even more accessible to international users.

If you are a user of the Archive and you'd like to help, please do the following:

  1. Pick a section (or part of a section) on the Archive FAQ and read through it carefully. (It's a good idea to check the comments here to see what has already been discussed.)
  2. Think about the following:
    • Is it clear and understandable?
    • Does it tell you what you need to know about the feature it describes?
    • Is it accurate? (Some things on the Archive may have changed since it was written!)
    • Does it use exclusive language (for example, does it involve descriptions that would only work for sighted users?)
  3. Leave a comment on this post noting anything you think we need to change. Tell us:
    • The section and question(s) you're commenting on.
    • Any wording which is unclear or problematic (and suggestions for improvements if you have them).
    • Anything which is inaccurate.
    • Any questions which are not answered at all.
    • Anything else you think we should know.


Section reviewed: Importing and mass editing.

Question: 'How do I import a single work?'
- It says 'you'll see the import form' - biased to sighted users. Could say 'The import form will load'.
- It says you have to go to the 'Post New Work' form but there's also a link on the main page.

Question: 'How do I import a chaptered work?'
- This section is a bit confusing, the formatting should make it easier to see that there are different instructions for importing from and from other sites.