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2014-04-04 15:30:14 UTC

This deploy consists of code contributions by Naomi and was tested by the combined efforts of many volunteers, including testers, coders, tag wranglers, and Support personnel. Special thanks to QA lead Lady Oscar for her diligence!

These code changes fix several issues with the way potential matches for a gift exchange are generated and displayed. Further refinements and improvements to challenge features are planned.


  • Previously, the "Matching" page included a list of all the potential givers for each participant, sorted by quality of match, which frequently caused the page to take way too long to load: it timed out and just displayed an error. We changed the way matches are generated and saved, so the page should be much more stable.
  • In addition, the page consisted of separate forms for dealing with various issues (users without potential matches, users who didn't have an assignment, etc.), leading to a messy and confusing layout. We have now put each listing on a page by itself, so you can focus on each problem (no match at all, no assigned recipient, etc.) one by one.
  • Very infrequently, invalid sign-ups can be created, e.g. due to a server hiccup during times of high traffic and a large volume of sign-ups. This previously caused the assignment process to crash silently in the background. We now alert individual users if their sign-up is invalid. We also check for invalid sign-ups and notify the moderators by email before running potential match generation, so they can fix them before they get to the problematic step.
  • The assignment view has been rearranged - all assignments now list an ID and a pair of recipient and giver. Clicking on the assignment ID will show you their respective requests and offers to gauge the match.
  • The help text on the various little forms (accessible through the little blue question marks) has been updated and expanded.

Known Issues

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