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2010-03-17 18:18:17 -0400

Welcome to Revision 2375, up from 2364. This was a mini-release dealing with a few urgent bugs.

19/03/2010 - Revised release notes including another tiny release, which brings us to revision 2380!


  • Fixes for some of the more annoying visual bugs relating to comments.
  • Performance enhancement - when you run a search, the results will no longer be limited to 1000 per page, and the grey filter boxes will no longer be displayed. The filters on this page were causing a lot of slowdowns, so performance should be improved, and as a bonus it will be easier to get to older works \0/

Known Issues

Please see Known Issues page.

Release Details


  • Fix for problem with work icons rearranging themselves and overlapping when font sizes were changed.
  • Fix for 'date edited' overlapping 'date posted' on comments.
  • Fix for comments becoming misaligned in large page sizes.
  • Fix for tag wrangling pages becoming broken when an admin commented.

Bugs fixed in Revision

  • Fixed bug which caused drafts to show up in Search.
  • Fix for question marks breaking tag links.
  • Fix for notifications of comments on tag wrangling pages breaking inbox.
  • Fix for long comment threads on tag wrangling pages causing errors.
  • Fix for incorrect links in tag wranglers' comment notification emails.


  • Filters removed from search page and search results no longer limited to 1000.