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2010-03-16 20:48:51 UTC

Do you like playing around the AO3 and finding issues to report back? Do you want to help out with the project but you're not sure how? If you answered yes to any of the questions above this post is for you.

Whenever we have a new release of code, we need to verify on the main (Beta) Archive that fixes are actually working before labeling a bug fixed. We have a lot of these after this release and we could use your help verifying them.

These bugs live in our issue list at our Google Code project.

What can you do to help:

You can find list of things that needs verifying at our list of deployed to beta issues.

  1. Sign in using the link on top left corner. Any google account will work (gmail, gchat etc). Your comment will display the name associated with that account, so be sure it's one you're happy to display publicly.
  2. Pick an issue that you would like to read more about and click on it.
  3. Read through the comments.
  4. Test to see if the issue is fixed or not, or if the new feature is working as expected.
  5. Use the comment field at the bottom to leave feedback.

Testing tips

Try to play around with the issue or feature reported.

  1. Does it work when things are done correctly?
  2. Does it handle things correctly when done in a different way? (e.g. what if you put in optional tags, or don't put them?)
  3. How does it handle errors (for example if you are testing the form for posting a new story, what happens when you forget to put a title in? Does it allow you to still post when it shouldn't?)

Try to keep track of what you did step by step.

Writing your feedback comment

Whether you found out that the problem is fixed or is still persisting, please write down step by step what you did. Browser information will also help us. Below is an example report which would be written after testing the bookmark feature.

Testing on Firefox 3.5.

  1. I click the add bookmark link
  2. Fill out tags
  3. Press submit
  4. It works

I also tried adding a comment. No problem there either. The form now works as expected.

What if I run into an unrelated problem while testing?

If you run into something unrelated while testing, or would like to give us additional feedback or suggestions, please do not do so in Google Code, but use the support and feedback form on the Archive. This will allow us to avoid duplicate issue creation and keep things in the right place.

If you enjoyed doing this and would like to assist testing regularly, apply to be a volunteer and mention you would like to join the testing team. We can always use more people.

Please feel free to comment under this post with any questions. Thanks for your time and effort :)