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2014-02-26 05:31:24 -0500

(For Release 0.9.14, we will be trying something new! Bug fixes and improvements will be tested in very small batches, and then pushed to the Archive as soon as they're ready. This will make for much smaller, more frequent Release Notes, until we consider version 0.9.14 done! Stay tuned.)

This deploy includes code contributions by Enigel, Lal, Sarken, and Storm and was tested by Ariana, Lady Oscar, Naomi, and Scott.


  • Fixed another issue with signup summaries generated for gift exchanges. This remains a somewhat brittle piece of code, and we continue to work on improvements.
  • Removed the Subscriptions count in the user menu in the header for performance reasons. In the same menu, Preferences now says My Preferences, to match the rest of the items.
  • The order of the Language, Custom Stylesheet, and Privacy options in the work editing form was different from the order when editing multiple works at once. Both forms now follow the same order.
  • Fixed the page titles for our FAQ and Terms of Service pages. They previously said "Tos" and "Faq", now follow proper capitalization.

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page for current issues.