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2013-11-17 08:12:20 -0500

Welcome to Release 0.9.11. Elz, Enigel, James_, Lalith, Sarken, Scott, Stephanie, and tuff_ghost contributed code to this release, which was tested by our awesome testing team: Alix Mason, athenejen, Camilla M., Emilie, estirose, JanOda, Lady Oscar, MilenaDaniels, mumble, pocketmouse, Sarken, and Scott.


Changes to the Kudos Button

We are excited to announce that we have revamped the Kudos button to use an approach known as AJAX. Previously, when you clicked the Kudos ♥ button, the entire page had to be reloaded. This was often a considerable amount of data, and fetching it all again from the database put an unnecessary strain on the servers. When clicking on the button now, only the Kudos section will refresh.

(Note: While we were testing the new and improved code, we discovered some existing, but previously unreported, caching issues which prevent guest kudos from showing up correctly in the list unless a logged-in user leaves kudos at a later point. Please bear with us, and rest assured no kudos are lost!)

Home Page Improvements

This release sees the return of the Twitter widget to our home page! You can now get an at-a-glance view of the most recent OTW happenings (as summed up in 140 characters or less). In addition, we have expanded the number of visible AO3 News headlines from one to three, so that exciting announcements aren't overlooked by our eager users!

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page for current issues.

Please note that a fix in this release will unfortunately strip out all code comments in any Work or Archive Skins you edit now. We apologize for this, and are working on ways to handle comments in skins better!

Release Details


  • We have updated our Terms of Service. The language is now consistently gender-neutral and we've added some clarifications about changes our Abuse personnel can make to mislabeled works. Please refer to the newly organized Tags category.

Bug Fixes

  • Collections & Challenges
    • It was possible to set up a prompt meme challenge in such a way that more prompts were required than were allowed, making it impossible for users to sign up. This has been corrected.
    • Those who were not members of a challenge were not previously able to see the prompts requests page, and now are.
    • Editing a work which was already a part of a moderated collection was causing a blue notice to show up saying that the work would have to be approved before showing up in the collection. This erroneous message has been removed.
  • Tags and Wrangling
    • Tags that are synned to a canonical tag didn't have buttons to show their usage on works and bookmarks. We have added those buttons (which will lead to the canonical tag's works or bookmarks).
    • Tags which aren't yet sorted into a category (fandom, character, etc.) can no longer be accidentally marked as unwrangleable.
    • The ticky box to mark a tag as unwrangleable has been physically separated a bit from the 'mark canonical' box, for ease of use.
    • On the comments pages for tags (only visible to wranglers), the pagination links were not working correctly if the tag had a slash or dot in it. We have resolved this issue.
    • Comment notification emails for fandom tag synonyms were not being sent. Emails are now correctly generated.
    • The default order for the mass-wrangle "bins" has been changed to show tags sorted by date in ascending order.
    • When using filters to show fandoms by their wranglers, the filter preference was being lost if you changed any of the assignments. This filter preference now persists through button usage.
  • Works
    • Editing a recently posted work and then posting without preview would cause that work to be bumped back to the top of work lists, e.g. for a fandom tag. This has been corrected.
    • Creating a draft chapter on an already published work was causing that work's 'updated at' information to change, bumping it back to the top of work lists. We have fixed this error.
    • The automatic text about related works, inspiring works, inspirational works, etc. was failing to show up correctly in some cases. We have reworked this section of the code, so all relevant information should now be displayed at all times.
    • The notice that a work is a translation will now only show at the top of a work, as intended, instead of both the top and the bottom.
    • When viewing a work (e.g. a remix) inspired by a "restricted" work while logged out, you will now no longer see the name of the remixed work or a link to it. Instead you will be told that the work is restricted (locked to account holders), and that you need to log in to view it.
    • When pressing the button to create a new work skin you were taken to the 'New Skin' form, but the form by default was set to create a site skin rather than a work skin. The correct preference now loads when you open the page, and persists through error messages (e.g. a missing skin title).
  • Miscellaneous
    • Previously, when any site admin deleted a work, an email was generated informing the work owner that the action was taken by the Abuse committee. The text of the email has been changed to qualify that the deletion may have occurred in the course of an archive import managed by Open Doors.
    • Filtering one's inbox and then using one of the management buttons (Mark Read, etc.) was causing the previous filter options to disappear. Filter preferences now persist when clicking the various Inbox buttons.
    • The radio buttons on the Inbox filters section were previously misaligned, but have now been fixed.
    • The Twitter widget has been returned to the front page!
    • The headlines for the three most recent news posts will show up on the homepage (instead of just one).
    • The header and main navigation were hidden from anyone viewing the Archive with Internet Explorer 7. While we no longer support IE7, we did at the time the header was designed, so we have fixed this issue, which was caused by differences between the live Archive and our testing environment.
    • We have added a mechanism to the Support form to prevent multiple copies of the same request from being submitted.
    • Our internal CSS Sanitizer was being inconsistent in allowing certain browser-specific prefixes. This has been corrected. Additionally, we fixed a bug that would erroneously add the #workskin prefix, and you can now target the #workskin container directly (e.g. to apply a background color).
    • Previously, when you left a Kudos the entire page was forced to reload. We have fixed it so only the 'Kudos' section of the page refreshes.