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2013-10-09 20:33:03 -0400

Welcome to Release 0.9.10. Ariana, Elz, Enigel, James_, Lal, Sarken, Scott and tuff_ghost contributed code to this release, which was tested by our awesome testing team: aralias, BelleGee, Camilla M., Emilie, hele, James_, Lady Oscar, Leigh Berry, Lucy Pearson, mumble, Reppu, Runt, sarken.

As some of you may have noticed, we had some site issues earlier that required one of our servers to be rebooted. Thanks to the efforts of our hard-working Systems team, those issues have now been resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience! As always, you can get the latest information on the state of the Archive by going to our AO3_Status Twitter Feed.

This is another small release focusing on bug fixes and some niggly bits, before we move on to new features and enhancements in next few deploys.

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page for current issues.

Release Details

Bug fixes

  • Collections & Challenges
    • Ticking 'Semi-anonymous prompt' on a prompt submission form and then submitting an incorrectly filled out form was causing the ticky to become unchecked, potentially leading to non-anonymous prompt submissions (if you just fixed the prompt and submitted it again without looking at the ticky). This has now been fixed.
    • When trying to add a work to a collection, the autocomplete displayed only the collection's title (e.g. "Podfics"), causing confusion. Autocomplete now displays both title and name (e.g. "teenwolf_podfics") for clarity's sake.
    • The browser page titles for the Open Challenges, Open Gift Exchanges, and Open Prompt Memes pages were using abbreviations, e.g. GE or PM. They now spell out the challenge type in question.
    • The text on the buttons leading to some collection pages (Open Challenges, Top-Level Collections) used an extraneous 'See' (as in, "See Open Challenges"). This has been corrected.
    • There were some exposed HTML tags in the list of suggestions for creating a new collection; they are now gone.
  • Tags & Wrangling
    • An error 500 was incorrectly showing when attempting to change the category of a bookmark tag; this has been fixed.
    • The help text for Relationship tags in the posting form suggested the use of pairing smush names, such as Snarry. Now it doesn't.
  • Works
    • There was previously no built-in support for right-to-left languages on the posting form. We have now enabled: <div dir="rtl"> and <p dir="rtl"> and have also added an RTL button to the Rich Text Editor.
    • While editing an existing Work or Chapter draft, there was no immediately obvious way to re-save the work or chapter as a draft. We have now added a 'Save Without Posting' button to the editing form, so it's not necessary to Preview before re-saving as a draft.
    • The wrong blurb icon was set when both "No Archive Warnings Apply" and "Choose Not to Use" options were chosen by the work creator. Now the orange "?!" is set, signifying the choice not to warn.
    • The "adult content" warning will now show the work's blurb information on the same page as the warning, so you know which work was actually giving you the Proceed/Go Back screen.
    • On the posting form, the "Rich Text" and "HTML" buttons are now separated with a clear indication of which one is selected.
    • The help popup for HTML on the posting form spoke of work skins in the future tense. It now correctly refers to them as existing.
    • We corrected a typo in the posting form help popup for backdating.
    • We also corrected a typo in the 'Work Search' help popup.
  • Sharing
    • Sharing a Bookmark on Tumblr was producing a broken link. The link now correctly points to the work or series that was bookmarked.
    • There was no button to share a Bookmark on Twitter. The button is now there.
    • When clicking 'Share' on a Work the help text did not mention the use of the Tumblr button, which it now does.
  • Misc
    • A previous code deploy accidentally removed the users' time zone and page title preference from the Preferences page. It has now been returned.
    • We fixed an issue where certain CSS values in a user's work skin could escape the limits of the work text, potentially affecting the whole page.
    • Several issues in this release lacked automated tests. They have now been added.