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2013-09-16 06:25:08 -0400

Welcome to Release 0.9.9! Ariana, ecuoln, Elz, Lal, Naomi, Rebecca, Sarken, and Scott contributed code to this release, which was tested by our awesome testing team: Camilla M, Enigel, Estirose, FishieMishie, hele, James, Lady Oscar, mumble, Reppu, Runt, Sarken.

While we were working on upgrading our Ruby on Rails install, many other fixes and improvements had to bide their time in our "pull request" queue. A pull request is a way to submit code to a software project on Github, where we keep the Archive of Our Own code: A coder "pushes" a fix to Github (where it can be reviewed) and asks for the code to be "pulled" in (so it can be neatly slotted into the appropriate places).

Since we've had many more pull requests (yay!) than we could put in during the last few deploys (boo!), we're now dealing with a considerable backlog (and some dust and cobwebs in the corners).

We're hoping to chip away at the queue in the upcoming releases, while also starting to work on larger design projects we've had to put on hold. Expect many more fixes, and please stay tuned for news about upcoming features.


Tag Set and Challenge Fixes

The festive challenge season has started, with several holiday-themed gift exchanges starting to get ready for nominations, sign-ups, or assignments. We will continue to work to improve these features, and have included a handful of fixes in this release. Some of the more awkward tag set bugs should be taken care of, and many more fixes are yet to come. We are also working on improving our challenge/tag set documentation!

Lifespan of Drafts

This deploy increases the time between the creation of a draft and its automatic deletion to 1 month (from 1 week). We are considering ways to better handle drafts in upcoming updates, but do not have any plans to enable true drafts and document management in the immediate future. Please, please, please don't use Archive drafts as the only place to store your work! Browsers crash, errors happen, and yes, drafts will be deleted. Once deleted, a work cannot be retrieved, no matter how much our Support team would really like to help you. :-(

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page for current issues.

Release Details

Bug fixes

  • Admin
    • Site admins could not view works restricted to site members, which has now been fixed.
    • An option in the admin interface said "days" instead of "weeks"; this has now been changed to reflect the actual setting units.
    • A setting in the admin interface could be set to zero; this caused errors and has been fixed.
  • Front End
    • We had some lavender backgrounds hanging around where we wanted grey (e.g. to mark a draft as a draft). All lavender should be gone now.
    • We've changed the Terms of Service link on our sign-up form to open in a new window.
    • Due to a bug, expanding the fandoms list on your own dashboard left you with no way to collapse the list again. That is now fixed.
  • Collections & Tag Sets
    • On fandoms pages in collections, fandoms with articles were breaking the order of the alphabet (e.g. "A League of Their Own" would shuffle the entire L section to the top of the list, where the A section should be); this has been fixed.
    • Tag sets that belonged to a collection did not actually show up on the collection's profile, and were hard to find by other users. This has been taken care of.
    • Non-canonical fandom tags vanish from a tag set when a work using that tag was posted and then deleted; this has been fixed.
    • There were some issues with accented characters in tag sets; these should now be taken care of.
    • Nominated canonical tags wouldn't display properly on the tag set page after approval by a mod; we've addressed the caching issue that caused this, so updates should now appear on the tag set as expected.
    • There were some issues with how associations between tags in a tag set were handled; these have been fixed.
    • Tag nominations with [brackets] in the tag could not be approved or rejected; now they can.
    • When signing up for a gift exchange, tags put into the "Optional Tags" field were not properly saved if there was an error in the signup or if the signup was edited; this has been fixed.
  • Misc.
    • Users could not access the second page of bookmarks if they had filtered bookmarks by a tag containing a slash. Now they can.
    • The lifespan for drafts has been extended to 1 month.
    • We have added helpful explanations to every single option on your Preferences page! Just click the little blue question marks next to the headings.
    • Support have been working with the Translation committee to offer support in various languages; this deploy updates the list of the languages we can offer support in.
    • On the list of fandoms in need of a wrangler, the fandoms could not be filtered by medium and sorted by work count at the same time. Now they can. The menu box was also displaying at the bottom of the page; it's now correctly at the top.
    • Our .epub files were identifying themselves as "application/epub" instead of "application/epub+zip", which caused issues on some devices. This has been fixed.
    • We cleaned up the method we were using to handle error or success messages on cached pages.