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2013-08-30 03:27:59 -0400

Welcome to Release 0.9.8, our Big Rails Update of 2013! Ariana, Elz, Enigel, James_, Sarken, and Scott contributed code to this release, which was tested by our awesome testing team: aralias, Ariana, BelleGee, Camilla M., Enigel, Etharei, Eve Forbes, FishieMishie, hele, Jane, Jenny Scott-Thompson, Katy Armstrong, Key Foster, Lady Oscar, Leigh Berry, ljunattainable, matty, mumble, Northern_Star, Reppu, Runt, Sarken, Sumeria, Tai, and vtn.


This release was reserved for upgrading the version of Rails we are using. The Archive is built on the web framework Ruby on Rails, and it's important for us to make sure that we are always using a reasonably up-to-date version - this means that we have the latest security fixes (or can easily grab new security patches as they come out) and that we can take advantages of spiffy new features and plug-ins.

We've updated to Rails 3.2.13, which is the newest release of the version we're on. We're holding off on upgrading to the latest version because this is a BIG change - Rails 3.2. gives us up-to-date security with less potential for oddities. However, we will be upgrading to Rails 4 in the future (by which time lots more people will have made the switch and we'll know the most common gotchas).

This update shouldn't affect any of the visible parts of the site - it's just a change to the underlying code. However, sometimes these changes can have unexpected effects - for example, a form used by our Open Doors staffers suddenly disappeared because the updated Rails framework required a single extra character in our code! To avoid such problems showing up for our users, our trusty testing team (aided by our coders and tag wrangling volunteers) have been hard at work testing ALL THE THINGS and reporting issues to be fixed by our tireless coders. While our ever-growing suite of automated tests has helped a lot with this, it was still a major undertaking and we thank everyone involved!

Because this release involved subtle adjustments to the underlying code, we kept other changes to a minimum (it's useful to be sure we didn't create a problem ourselves). Now that the upgrade is done, we can once again turn our attention to bugfixes and site improvements! Stay tuned for a bugfix frenzy in upcoming releases! As always, if you think you've found a bug, or you have a question about any aspect of the site, our Support team are more than happy to help you out.

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page for current issues.

Release Details

Bug fixes

  • The information in chapter headers was being aggressively cached, and would often not update to reflect changes made to authorship or chapter number unless the chapter title was also edited. This has been fixed.
  • If a collection owner had ticked the "Send a message to the collection email when a work is added" option, trying to add a bookmark to the collection would result in an error 500. This has been fixed, and an appropriate email will be sent.
  • Trying to search for a tag set would lead to an error 500. This has been fixed.
  • Trying to load any bookmark page (by user, tag, work, or series) while logged in as an admin would result in an error 500. This has been fixed.
  • Leaving a comment as the creator of an anonymous work would not properly update the comment (e.g. after creator reveals during a gift exchange) and instead keep attributing it to "Anonymous Creator". This has been fixed.
  • The emails sent to authors when a work of theirs was imported from another archive included lingering information from a previous import. They have now been scrubbed clean of specific fandom references.