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2013-06-29 06:01:02 -0400

Here are the collected notes for a few small deploys we had recently!

Release, deployed on May 9, had code contributions from Ariana, Nathan J Xaxson, Scott, and tuff_ghost. It primarily contained the final pieces of code needed for the 852 Prospect import, with a couple of critical fixes thrown in.

Release 0.9.7 was deployed in two steps, with most of the fixes going out this week, and included contributions from Elz, Enigel, Sarken, Scott, and tuff_ghost.

All new code was tested by our awesome testing team: Belle Gee, Camilla M, FishieMishie, hele, Jay Bee, Jenny Scott-Thompson, Lady Oscar, Leigh Berry, mumble, Northern Star, Sam Johnsson, and Sarken.


Making friends with Travis!

Over the last few months coders have been working hard on updating our test suite (a whole bunch of scenarios describing what our code should do, making it easier to tell if it doesn't) to prepare for our big upgrade to Rails 3.2.

In the process of doing so, the Archive has started using the Travis-CI platform, a Continuous Integration (CI) service. (Special thanks to coder Scott for all his work in this process!) This ensures that each and every code change is run against the entire suite of over 520 tests before being accepted into the main codebase. This, as well as continued progress in our adoption of helpful CI practices, helps keep the Archive running smoothly with fewer interruptions for code deployments.

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page for current issues.

Release Details


  • Travis-CI integration

Bug fixes

  • A previous code change made it impossible to remove gift recipient information from a work. Gift recipients can now be removed again!
  • An issue had made it impossible to edit a chapter draft and then re-save it as a draft; this was fixed in
  • Subscription notifications for chapter updates now properly list the chapter number/count for the Work (e.g. 3/7), making it easier to tell if a work is completed. We also permanently brought back information lost in a previous deploy, namely chapter summaries, additional tags, and series information for all possible configurations of chapter updates.
  • Code changes on external sites caused works to be imported incorrectly and with extraneous content. The importer should now correctly import works from LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, and DeviantArt.
  • Redirects from the Smallville Slash Archive to works imported to the Archive were broken; they should now work properly.
  • The emails sent to owners of imported works from 852 Prospect were updated to correctly reflect the claiming process and related information.
ToS and ToS FAQ
  • Fixed several broken/misdirected links.
  • Made changes to wording requested by the Legal and Content Policy committees.
  • Twitter retired its old API, breaking our Twitter widgets. They were temporarily removed from the Archive front page and maintenance page until they can be updated.