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2013-06-28 14:07:52 -0400

In mid-March our Content Policy workgroup asked for user feedback about the following ways in which we would have to address the addition of fannish non-fiction content to the AO3. Because work type is not yet in place as part of the basic upload form, we have been working on a general policy focused on tagging. Based on internal and external feedback, we have made some changes to the initial proposal, though the basic structure remains the same.

The Terms of Service document has proposed minor language changes in the following sections and one major addition:

  • Section II - minor
  • Section IV B and F - minor
  • Section IV K new sections 5 and 6
  • Section V D - minor

You can access this in either Word format or PDF format.

The new FAQ proposal includes some minor word changes in various sections, primarily in how users are referenced ("they"). The major new additions are labeled as follows:

  • Can I archive nonfiction?
  • How will “ephemeral” be defined?
  • What falls within the definition of fandom nonfiction?
  • What isn't fandom nonfiction?
  • How does tagging apply to podfics, vids, and other nontextual content? Do I need to use particular tags?
  • Do I need to tag for “fan fiction”?"
  • What kinds of mis-tagging does Abuse handle?
  • What do you mean by recategorizing a fanwork type?
  • What do you mean by a manual recategorization?
  • When will you change a language tag?
  • When will you remove a fandom tag?
  • Will you recategorize or remove other tags, such as relationship tags?
  • What should I do about recs/commentary on fanworks?
  • I would like to create a list of recommendations or a list of works that use certain tropes.
  • What counts as a recommendation that should be in a bookmark versus a more general discussion or analysis of multiple fanworks?
  • How does the harassment policy apply to reviews?
  • I am looking for a particular story. Can I create a work explaining what I’m looking for?
  • What about a fanwork prompt?
  • What about a letter to someone I've been anonymously matched with for a challenge?
  • How do these rules apply to bookmarks?
  • Addition to "What is tag wrangling?" section.

You can access this in either Word format or PDF format.

As stated in our Terms of Service this post constitutes the beginning of a two week comment period regarding these changes: "At the end of the comment period, proposed changes will be voted on by the Board. If the Board votes in favor, the changes will become effective at that time."