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2013-04-05 10:55:00 UTC

We're currently dealing with a few issues relating to our last deploy (Release 0.9.6), and we wanted to keep you in the loop on how we're handling them (and let you know about workarounds for a few problems):

Jumbled looking header

We launched a new design for our header, which should look like this. If it's looking jumbled, buttons are overlapping, or it otherwise looks broken, please refresh the page. If that doesn't help, you may need to clear your browser cache and then refresh again. If you're using a mobile browser on your phone or tablet, and clearing the cache alone doesn't help, try completely closing the app and opening it again.

Share box always open

Some users have reported that the 'Share' button that usually pops up a pre-formatted block of work information was replaced by the text it's supposed to hold. This severely messes up all work pages. It's due to a conflict with some userscripts people have installed in their browsers, which are interacting badly with a jQuery plugin we started using for our help boxes.

The quick and dirty way of solving this problem is to disable AO3-related userscripts.

The problem is caused by scripts which contain a @require line, which tells the script to grab a copy of jQuery from Google's servers to work with. That fresh copy then overrides our own Javascript stack, causing wonkiness. If you want to keep using the script, you (or the original creator of the script) need to edit it so it doesn't use this line. A helpful Tumblr user has written up instructions on how you can edit a userscript yourself, although this might not work in all browsers. Especially if you're using Chrome, try this little script change instead.

Subscription emails are missing information

We tested all possible Archive emails in various browsers and clients, which amounts to a lot of emails. In all this testing we missed that some information had vanished from some kinds of subscription notifications, for which we apologize.

Many, many users wrote into Support about this and commented on our Release Notes, and we are rolling out a very quick fix to bring back total chapter count, work summaries, and additional tags to all notifications.

New styling of emails

We launched new multipart emails which take advantage of HTML styling. This was to give us more control over the layout of emails, and to help provide a more consistent look. Our old mailer templates were mostly a mix of text and some HTML mark-up (for paragraph breaks, links, and some text styling) that did not actually declare itself properly to email clients. This raised our spam score, looked broken in some text-based email programs, and made it harder to add emails for new features, as there was no consistent style to base them on.

We assumed that users who preferred text-only emails would select this option in their email clients; however, it's become clear that this isn't meeting our users' needs, for various reasons, and lots of people would prefer to have a text-only option.

We're taken note of all the (strongly-felt!) responses to the new emails, and we're looking at solutions, including adding a user preference for plain text emails. We need some time for our coders to look at the issue and figure out the best way forward: when we've been able to do this we'll update users on what we are planning to do and when we will do it. Please rest assured we are taking user feedback very seriously; we appreciate your patience while we work on this.

Some users also raised specific concerns about the styling, notably the size of the font in certain email clients / devices. We'll also be looking to address these issues and tweaking the HTML emails themselves.