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2010-01-05 00:41:25 UTC

Sat 11pm to 1am but I've been practicing staying up late (am a morning person usually) so was pretty easy on me. This meeting was about an hour of 'stuff wot we have to work on' and an hour of 'winding up the 2009 term'. Winding up was good fun; we had a chance to talk about what we liked in 2009 and what could be better - mostly we want to keep improving our communication, processes and knowledge transfer. Plus, you know, keep working on and improving the AO3 - we know it still has a long way to go!

AD&T Update: AD&T has now officially dissolved as a committee, the 2010 committee will form and meet on 30th January. *hands over sparkly tiara of chairness* We tried to avoid doing any more work in the last two weeks but didn't quite succeed.

  1. 25 Dec 2009 Release (5 items)
  2. 25 Dec 2009 Release (1 item) - quick performance fix
  3. 26 Dec 2009 Release (3 items
  4. 31 Dec 2009 Release (20 items)

Full Release History

Deploy Schedule: We've got a few things coming up, the deploy is tentatively scheduled for 16th January.

  • Tag Wrangling: interface is no longer able to cope with the sheer number tags our wonderful users have been adding so we're sorting that out.
  • Collections & Challenges: we built the bits that meant we could run Yuletide in an ad hoc fashion. Now we can start fleshing out the design and adding all the features it needs.

Wanted: people with JavaScript skills, people for the Support team, people with an urge to design the perfect search interface, and a plastic rocket.

If there are things you want to do/say - feel free to share either in comments, or by volunteering, or whatever medium you're comfortable with. You are invited to this party :)