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2013-01-26 09:43:05 -0500

Welcome to Release 0.9.5! Ariana, Elz, Enigel, Lal, Sarken, and Scott S contributed code to this release, which was tested by our awesome testing team: Ariana, Elz, Emilie K, Estirose, Jenn Calaelen, Kylie, Lady Oscar, Mark B, Sam J., Sarken, and Tai.

We're starting into the new year with a small collection of fixes and improvements, with a bigger release slated for the February/March deploy. As always, if you run into any problems or have any questions, please contact Support. If you want to know if a feature you'd like to propose has already been suggested, or has been approved by our coders for a future update, visit our Feature Requests board (see the Internal Tools FAQ for more information).


Ignoring articles when sorting fandoms

On each media subpage, such as for Movies or Video Games, fandom tags were listed alphabetically, leading to somewhat irregular results when looking for fandoms starting with "The" or other articles. We have now changed the sorting code to ignore articles (a, an, the, la, le, les, un, une, des, der, die, das, den, il, el, las, los), while also giving the tag wranglers an option to manually override the sorting for a given tag in case of clashes. (For example, the German article "die" would lead to "Die Hard" being sorted under H, which is undesirable.)

No more OpenID

We've finally gone ahead and removed all support for OpenID accounts - a system we could never fully support, as the infrastructure behind it isn't without its own problems and our invitation system meant you couldn't just go ahead and use your OpenID login to create an account to begin with. We might consider different ways of accessing the site in the future, but as little more than a password replacement OpenID has outlived its use.

Activity log for admins

In this and the next several code updates, we'd like to focus on tools and enhancements for the people "behind the scenes" - members of the Abuse team, Open Doors, Support, Tag Wranglers, and so on. We're starting with a more convenient overview of recent admin activity, collecting all changes made to works by Abuse personnel, such as tag changes or deletions of works that were found in violation of the TOS.

Most of these enhancements will be invisible to the casual user, but we're hoping to make our volunteers' lives a little easier and enable a smoother experience for everyone.

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page for current issues. This list is updated with each release, so please make sure to give it a glance before contacting Support - it might just offer you a temporary solution to your problem right away.

Release Details


  • Removed OpenID support
  • Added an activity log for Abuse admins
  • Made fandoms on media subpages ignore "the" and other articles when sorting alphabetically

Bug fixes and backend enhancements

  • The list of fandoms on a user's homepage was potentially breaking anonymity if the user had posted only anonymous works for a fandom, making it guessable which work in a collection belonged to them; this has been fixed to not display the fandom for anon works either in the list or the filters
  • Clicking "Edit Tags" from a work saved as a draft would take you to a form where your only option to save the tags would post the draft; this has been fixed
  • When marking a work for later, a success message would let you know it had been added to your history; it now helpfully links to your actual "Marked for Later" page
  • Accessing the "new comment" page attached to a restricted work would allow guests to leave comments on said work (without actually being able to see the work itself), this has been fixed to allow only logged-in users to comment
  • Fixed a problem with the caching on some collection fandom pages, where the works listing wasn't always updating properly
  • The notification emails for collection owners wouldn't be sent when someone added a work to a collection and also made it part of a series at the same time; this has been fixed
  • In preparation for the 852 Prospect archive import, we made some helpful changes to the page authors can access to claim their imported works
  • The page to change your username was quietly loading all usernames currently registered on the Archive, presumably in an attempt to make sure your choice hadn't been taken yet; this didn't actually work and was also a huge drain on the servers, so the code was changed
  • Changing your email would work even when the address given in the confirmation field didn't match your desired address; this has now been fixed
  • The Report Abuse form was behaving erratically; it now correctly sends a copy of the report if you enter an email address, and flashes an error if you request a copy but don't enter an address
  • A bug was preventing Abuse personnel from editing work tags and warnings on works that had been found to violate the guidelines for warnings; they can now follow through on procedure as laid out in the TOS
  • The invitation email was inviting you to join an "Organization of Transformative Works" project; the "of" has been silently replaced with the vastly more correct "for" now (oops)
  • On a user's Related Works page, their own translations were coded as an invalid mixture of tables and lists; this has now been fixed
  • Upgraded the version of Ruby on Rails our code runs on to make it easier to incorporate security updates and to pave the way for bigger upgrades in the next few months
  • We run a mirror version of the site that we use for testing, and it's now running in staging mode rather than production, which lets us customize and track things a little more easily