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2015-04-30 22:43:08 UTC

We fixed a few bugs and took care of a performance issue caused by the dropdown user menu. Also, no more endless scrolling to reach the Sort and Filter box on mobile devices!


  • Coders: james_, Sarken, Scott
  • Code reviewers: james_, Sarken, Scott
  • Testers: Lady Oscar, mugenmine, mumble, Sam Johnsson, Scott


  • The filters for works, bookmarks, and so on were positioned at the bottom of the page for users on small screen devices, which made for a lot of scrolling. For users who have JavaScript enabled, we have added a button that will cause the filters to open on top of the page. (For users with JavaScript disabled, the button will jump down to the filters at the bottom of the page.)
  • The numbers in the "Hi, user!" dropdown menu (e.g. "My Works (17)") had to be calculated every time a logged-in user loaded a page, any page. This was bad for performance. We've removed these counts to reduce the strain on our database. (This doesn't affect the dashboard menu, where you can still find all relevant numbers.)
  • Like FanFiction.Net, the website Quotev blocks any attempts to import fic from their site. We have added a warning and an error message to our Import Work page to let users know about the block.
  • There was no way to tell which email address was associated with your account if you did not have the "Show my email address to other people" preference enabled. Now it will be displayed on the Change My Email page.
  • A user's History page includes information about the last time that user accessed any given work. However, this information was only updated if the user accessed the first chapter of a multi-chapter work. Now it will update regardless of which chapter the user accesses.
  • Admins must choose a language when posting a translation of a news post. However, the list of available languages was very long and included languages we do not currently offer translations in (e.g. Latin and Klingon). We've limited the list to only include languages for which we have translated news posts or FAQs.
  • The links in a user's dashboard menu were difficult to select when using a mouse or trackpad with the Dash Line skin (or with the default skin, which uses the same code as Dash Line on any screen narrower than 640px). We've fixed the overlapping elements that caused this issue, and now the links should be easier to select.
  • We've added a simple page which our load balancer can use to ensure a server is up and running before sending work its way.

Known Issues

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