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2015-04-01 03:00:13 -0400

This release focuses on improving the tools Open Doors uses to mass import archives.


  • Coders: Ariana, Elz, james_, Sarken
  • Code reviewers: Enigel, james_, Naomi, Sarken, Scott
  • Testers: Alison W., Anika Kabit, Lady Oscar, Michelle D., Runt



  • The Archive doesn't allow users to create warning tags, but importing a work labeled "Warning: Wombats" was leading to the creation of a "Wombats" warning tag. "Wombats" will now be added as an additional tag instead.
  • When Open Doors wanted to do mass imports of rescued archives, they either had to wait for a coder to create custom code for the import or import the entire archive by hand. Now they have a semi-automated method to speed up their work. \o/
  • Works imported by Open Doors are usually placed in a collection named after their original home, e.g. the 852 Prospect Archive collection. However, this had to be done one work at a time, which was very time consuming for large archives. Open Doors now has the ability to mass import works to a collection.
  • If the creator of a work imported by Open Doors used certain characters in their name, the work would be incorrectly attributed to the Open Doors archivist who imported it. Now it will be correctly attributed to the original creator.


  • We recently introduced a feature to mark tags as favorites and list them on your home page, but some users were not sure where to find the favorite tags list. We have expanded the message that appears when you favorite a tag to explain that the favorites are listed on the home page.
  • The editing pane on the New Work form does not automatically save its contents; if you leave the page, disconnect from the internet, or if an error occurs in your browser or in the Archive, you will lose all the contents of the form. We have added a message to make it clearer to all users that they must not compose their work directly in the posting form, and should instead save it elsewhere and copy-paste it in.

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page for current issues.