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2012-12-07 06:24:21 -0500

Welcome to Release 0.9.3. Ariana, Elz, Enigel, look_closer, Naomi, Sarken, Scott and Tegan contributed code to this release, which was tested by our awesome testing team: Alison, Emilie, Hele, Jenn Calaelen, Lady Oscar, mumble, Naomi, Sarken, and Scott.

In this code release, we focused on squashing bugs in our collection and challenge code, and we're proud to close over 50 issues as "done!" in our bug tracker this soon after our big tag filter deploy. Unfortunately, we had to iron out some major bumps in the tag wrangling code as well, forcing us to disable wrangling while working on the fix. Wrangling is now back, with apologies to the wranglers for leaving them with the backlog!

Huge thanks to the testing team, to the wranglers for their patience, and to coder Scott for contributing a whopping 25 fixes to the grand total. As always, much more work needs to be done while we're still in beta, and we thank all our users for sticking with us during this journey.

As part of this deploy, we also made some changes to our server setup. We're still ironing out a few glitches which happened in relation to this, and we had a little more downtime than we expected. Big thanks to James_ for his hard work on this Systems maintenance, and thanks to our users for their patience.


Anonymously commenting on your own anonymous work

Just in time for several gift exchange deadlines, we've introduced a small enhancement that will allow you to respond to feedback once works have been posted, but before authors are officially revealed. This applies to any of your works in a collection (or challenge) that has been set to Anonymous by the collection owner: When you reply to a comment, your name in the thread and any outgoing comment notifications will be masked as "Anonymous Creator", and will be automatically switched to your username once authors are revealed. \o/

Fixes to the search and filter functionality

While it was previously possible to put something like "words: 100" into the main search box (finding only drabbles in any fandom), the recent filter deploy did not include that functionality. Yet! The search code has been adjusted and sorting options have been added to make the following possible:

words:1000, words=1000, words>1000, words<1000
- To find works with exactly 1000 words, more than 1000 words, or less than 1000 words. Replace "words" with "hits", "kudos", "comments", or "bookmarks" to search for those instead.

sort:kudos, sort=kudos, sort<kudos, sort>kudos
- To sort search results by the number of kudos a work has. The default order here is descending ( to reverse that order to ascending. You can replace "kudos" with "author", "title", "hits", "comments", "bookmarks", etc. to sort by those.

Furthermore, you don't have to enclose f/f in quote marks anymore when searching for femslash (or when searching for M/M or F/M works) - just add f/f to your other search terms, if any, and you're done.

Fixes and improvements to search results

When the wranglers make changes to tags or their relationships, our search engine needs to be told to reindex (that is, re-check) the works and bookmarks under those tags, so that search and browse results will continue to list the right works. This wasn't happening properly with all subtagged works in the previous deploy, so as a result we had to turn wrangling off until we could fix it. Works and bookmarks will now be properly reindexed in response to tag wrangling changes, so the wrangling can recommence!

In addition, sorting by hit count was going out of order because the search engine was not being told to reindex works when they got new hits, only when they got new kudos/comments/bookmarks. We can't reindex after every hit for performance reasons, but we will now reindex every ten minutes, which should keep the hit counts from going out of date.

Sometimes, when sorting lists of works, you may find that some works seem to be out of order. For example, you might sort by number of kudos and find that a work with 2 kudos shows up above one with 6. Fear not, your sort order is right! It's just that we cache some bits of the views, so sometimes you see an old count displayed on the work list. This is a bit confusing, but it does help site performance.

Known Issues

In order to address a bug which emerged during this deploy, we had to disable part of our caching which relates to the way dates are displayed in works lists. This means that where it used to show the exact date a work was posted, it currently just says a timeframe such as 'one day ago'. This is temporary - we already have a fix for the underlying problem and just need to test and deploy it. Please bear with us in the meantime!

See our Known Issues page for a full list of current issues.

Release Details


  • When replying to comments on your work while it's in an anonymous collection, your name will be masked as "Anonymous Creator", to be revealed once the work is revealed.
  • Collection owners will now be notified via email when a new work is added to their collection. This email is sent to the address entered on the 'Collection Settings' page (which needs to be present), making it possible to use a shared email address among challenge moderators, instead of just the owner's account address.
  • When users are 'Posting to Fulfill' on a Prompt Meme challenge, the prompt which is being filled is now automatically inserted into the 'Notes' section of the posting form. The section is automatically ticked and expanded so users can see the prompt and remove it if they wish.

Bug fixes

  • Collections
    • Users trying to add a work or bookmark to a moderated collection are now notified when posting that their work or bookmark will not show up until it has been approved by a collection maintainer.
    • Owners and moderators of collections now have the ability to post to the collection even if the collection is set to closed.
    • There was an issue with work data not being updated properly if the work was taken out of a collection, e.g. a work that had been removed from an anonymous collection would still remain anonymous; this has been fixed.
    • A collection's work count was including 'locked' works for non-Archive members as well, causing a discrepancy between the number count shown and the actual number of works listed. This has been fixed to only count publicly visible works when a site user is not logged in.
    • A collection's bookmark count was counting private, and thus invisible, bookmarks. The count has now been fixed to exclude these.
    • A user's work count was including works that were in a hidden challenge, causing a discrepancy between counted and actually shown works. Works are now only counted if they are revealed.
    • Remixes and translations of unrevealed works were showing the name of the inspiring (unrevealed) work instead of the inspired work, breaking the unrevealed status of the inspiring work; that logic has been reversed and work titles are now shown as expected.
    • Commas used in a collection's 'Display Title' were causing internal code errors. An error message is now generated when attempting to use a comma in this field.
    • Previously only collections which a user owned showed up on the user's 'My Collections' page. This page now includes collections which the user maintains (e.g. helps moderate) as well.
    • The placement of the "Update" and "Delete Collection" buttons (as well as a useless "Back" button) on a collection's settings page was confusing and inconsistent with the rest of the site; this has been rectified.
    • Work blurbs on the 'Collection Items' page were confusing. They have been reformatted to easily show the most important information about a particular work.
    • The "You can also individually Manage Items" text and button were formatted oddly on the 'Edit Collection' page; this has been fixed.
  • Challenges
    • Challenges which were closed were wrongly appearing on the Open Challenges page, and generally the page wasn't as useful as we intended it to be. Bugs have now been squashed and sub-pages for Gift Exchanges and Prompt Memes (respectively) have been added. Closing sign-ups or changing the sign-up deadline to a past date removes a challenge from the relevant list.
    • There was some inconsistency in navigation buttons displayed in the information blurb for collections and challenges (such as on the main Collections index), leading to empty button code; this has been adjusted to always show Join/Leave and Sign Up/Edit Sign-up/Cancel Sign-up options as appropriate.
    • After a gift exchange owner had generated potential matches for participants, the (possible) assignments were already showing up as options when participants went to post a new work; this has been fixed to only display assignments in the posting form once finalized and sent out.
    • When defaulting on a challenge assignment, the assignment would be updated accordingly in one own's assignments, but still be available for defaulting and fulfilling on the collection's page; this has been adjusted.
    • When fulfilling an assignment and then deleting the work (e.g. in a blind panic five minutes before the challenge deadline), the assignment would vanish as well. It now reappears to be fulfilled again.
    • The 'Post to Fulfill' button was showing up even on challenges that were no longer accepting submissions. This button is now visible only if the challenge is open.
    • Users attempting to use non-canonical tags in a challenge signup were given an unhelpful error message. Users are now directed to contact the challenge maintainers (who can contact Support to fix the issue if necessary).
    • In challenges using tag sets for sign-ups, tags weren't properly displaying in autocomplete fields if they had been marked as canonical before being linked to other tags (e.g. characters to their fandoms) by a wrangler; this has been fixed.
    • The 'Categories' field on a Gift Exchange signup was not clear about asking for types of relationships (M/M, F/M, etc). A help popup has been added to alleviate confusion.
    • When users attempted to view a restricted work from a collection's "static" page (a feature created to reduce server load during busy challenge times), they were receiving a 404 error message; this has been fixed.
    • Gift notification emails (such as sent out in a gift exchange challenge) were linking to a work's general URL instead of the work's URL inside the collection; this has been fixed.
    • After the creation of either a Prompt Meme or a Gift Exchange the user was taken to two different places depending on the type of challenge created (collection dashboard or collection profile). Now the landing page for both challenge types is the collection's profile page.
    • Prompt Meme request forms were asking for tags called "Freeforms", which are called "Additional Tags" elsewhere; we changed the code to make it easier to adjust the name everywhere and now they're called Additional Tags here as well.
    • A bug was allowing the 'Allowed Prompts' on a Prompt Meme to be set to zero, causing some logic problems. It now requires at least one (1) prompt for sign-ups to work.
    • Prompt Meme request submissions were allowing an unlimited number of characters in the 'Prompt Description' field, but cutting off after a certain number without warning. This has been resolved and descriptions are now limited to five thousand (5,000) characters.
    • In the work 'Notes' section, the link to a prompt that was filled led to a page not viewable by non-collection members. The notes now link to the user and the challenge that the prompt fill was for.
    • Challenge maintainers cannot edit prompts submitted to their challenge, yet the button to do so was displayed for them. The button has now been removed to properly reflect options available to Prompt Meme maintainers.
    • The title text for the "Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings" icon in a work's blurb was broken when no warning had been selected in a prompt meme request; this has been fixed to display the "Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings" instead.
    • In the challenges area, our front end code was hard to read for coders and some of the user-facing text was inconsistent. Now it's pretty and consistent, and also better prepared for eventual interface translation.
    • The buttons to manage assignments on the 'My Assignments' page were ordered as "Default" first, then "Fulfill"; this was different from the order of "Post" and "Cancel" buttons elsewhere on the site and was reversed.
    • On the challenge settings page, there was a white margin underneath the footer that has now been eliminated.
    • On the same page, the date picker pop-up helping you enter start and end dates for your challenge was prettied up and misaligned buttons were aligned properly.
    • The challenge signup summary page is now presented as a table for easier readability.
    • In Internet Explorer 9, the 'Update' button on the challenge's settings page was covered and unclickable; this has been fixed.
  • Searching & Browsing
    • Way back when we deployed the filters, filtering was broken on user works pages. We did the fix live, which means it didn't get added to our code base. Now it's in there and will not re-break when we deploy new code.
    • We also fixed a search indexing problem way in the backend that affected some bookmarks.
    • Some bugs in our code prevented work listings to update properly when tags or tag relationships were changed by the wranglers; this has been fixed.
    • Sorting by hit count was giving wonky results due to the way the numbers were updated for each work; the new code should show works in a more proper order.
    • Orphaned and deleted works were lingering in work lists due to faulty caching; this has been fixed.
    • Using the main search bar, or the "Search within results" box in the filter sidebar, you couldn't do any numerical searches (such as works with a certain word count, or a certain number of kudos); this has been fixed.
    • However, the main search field in the header was turning the > and < symbols into their HTML counterparts - &gt; and &lt; - making some numerical searches impossible; this has also been fixed.
    • After the last deploy, the search hints that pop up when hovering over the main search field in the header were partly outdated; this has been fixed. Examples include: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words to find AU works in the Katekyou Hitman Reborn! fandom, shortest works first; and arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits to find works of over 1000 words that have both Merlin and Arthur (not necessarily paired up), works with the most hits on top.
    • A tiny typo in the filter help text has been fixed.
  • Misc.
    • An option was added that allows admins to temporarily turn off the "Request more invites" form for users, e.g. to control growth during times of heavy server load.
    • Our error 502 page (indicating heavy server load) was still displaying information about performance problems from back in May; this has now been removed.
    • When looking for works for a non-existent tag, a worrying number of error 500 bombs would go off in the background. It now produces a simple and much more appropriate error 404 page.
    • On mobile browsers, the bookmark index pages had a large right margin due to a display bug; this has been fixed.