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2015-02-25 14:22:13 -0500


  • Coders: Sarken \o/
  • Code reviewers: Elz, james_
  • Testers: james_, Lady Oscar, mugenmine, mumble, Nerine Luna Cyran, Sammie J., Sara H., Scott


New Features

  • We made the Archive homepage more useful for guests by listing available fandom categories to browse, highlighting recent news posts, and pointing out the benefits of creating an account. For logged-in users, we added a random selection of their marked-for-later works, the latest unread comments from the inbox, and a list of favorite tags.
  • With the new Favorite Tags feature, you can now pin up to 20 canonical tags (fandom, character, relationship, etc.) to the homepage, so you can always access your most frequently visited tags when logged in. To add a Favorite Tag, simply go to the tag's work listing (e.g. Polyamory) and select the "Favorite Tag" button. A link back to the tag's work listing will immediately be added to your homepage.

Inbox Fixes

  • We were experiencing intermittent problems with deleted works/chapters leaving behind "ghost comments" in some users' inboxes. Because these comments counted as unread comments, but couldn't be deleted or marked read, users could be left with a permanently incorrect inbox count. We think we've tracked down the cause for this and fixed the bug now.
  • When paging back in the inbox and deleting an old comment, users would get redirected to the first page after successful deletion. Now they'll stay on the page they were on.
  • While a work is in an anonymous collection, comments left by its creator are displayed as "Anonymous Creator", with a dedicated icon that's different from the Archive default icon. The icon wasn't used in the inbox view for anonymous comments; now it is!

Misc. Fixes

  • When subscribing to or unsubscribing from a work, series, or user, the page would previously reload with a success message. Now we're using AJAX to handle these tasks, which saves us a page reload. \o/
  • It was impossible to delete a work from your history with JavaScript disabled (you'd get an Error 404 when trying). Now it works!
  • Canonical tags have a separate name we use for alphabetical sorting, so tags like "The Fandom" will be alphabetized by "F" instead of "T." Some older tags were missing this name, though, so we added it in order to make it possible to alphabetize users' Favorite Tags lists.
  • Fixed an issue with some forms having white-on-white text when using the Reversi skin.

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page for current issues.