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2015-02-16 04:03:48 -0500


  • Coders: Ariana, Elz, james_, Lady Oscar, Sarken
  • Code reviewers: Elz, Enigel, james_, Scott
  • Testers: Agwen, Anika Kabit, james_, Lady Oscar, Matty, Michelle Dong, mugenmine, mumble, Sarken


Works & Tags

  • No language was being set for imported works, which meant the works would not show up when users filtered by language. Since our code can't detect the language of an imported work, it is now automatically set to English at the time of importing. If necessary, you can change it to the correct language by editing the work.
  • In certain circumstances, it was possible to leave kudos on your own work. This will now trigger an error message and the kudos won't be recorded.
  • The page listing the 20 most recent comments left on works all across the Archive is now only accessible to site admins.
  • Tags that used to be canonical but which were later made synonyms of new canonicals were still appearing in the Top 10 Tags list in the filters. This should no longer happen going forward; however, old instances still need to be cleaned up.

Wording Fixes

  • The browser page title for our 503 error page incorrectly said, "Exceeded maximum downloads per minute." Now it will say, "Page responding too slowly."
  • The help text explaining the "General Audiences" rating has been updated.
  • There was a button and a link on your invitations page that said "Request More," which was confusing/misleading if you'd never requested invitations before. Now it says "Request Invitations."
  • Where "invites" was used as a noun on the site, we have replaced it with the more correct "invitations".
  • The button labels on a user's Manage Invitations page are now capitalized to match our usual style.
  • On the page where creators can claim their works after an Open Doors fanwork archive import, we changed some wording and the link to contact Open Doors.
  • Updated the help message listing the CSS properties that can be used in skins.

Invisible Fixes

  • The code for our Abuse form and Support form has been refactored (rewritten to follow good coding practices), with no changes to functionality.
  • When accessing a single bookmark listing for an external work, there was an extra, empty HTML element on the page. It has been removed.
  • The page that asks you to confirm you are willing to access adult content was missing some HTML tags. They have now been added.
  • We changed our server logs to be angrier and take up less space (i.e. started using the lograge gem for Rails).

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page for current issues.