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2012-09-20 09:32:53 UTC

After some discussion, we've decided to stop supporting Internet Explorer 6 and 7 going forward. As of the last deploy, we will not be coding or testing for these two browser versions. While we expect that most aspects of the site will still function, it may appear wonky and functionality will degrade over time.

We know that not everyone has control over which browsers they use, and we do our best to support a wide range of browsers so the site is accessible for as many people as possible. However, with less than 3% of our visitors (and falling) still using these two versions of IE, we do not have the resources to continue active support for the site in these older versions: IE6 and IE7 are so different from modern browsers that they effectively require us to code and test specifically for them.

We know that some assistive technology relies on specific browser configurations. If you encounter any accessibility problems after this update (or at all) we ask that you please contact Support with details: we will gladly do our best to help solve your issues.