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2012-09-03 16:04:50 -0400

Welcome to Release 0.9.0! Andreja, Ariana, Chris, Elz, Enigel, Lal, Nathan, sarken, Sam J. and Scott contributed code to this release, which was tested by our awesome testing team: bingeling, Enigel, highlander ii, Jenn, Kylie, Lady Oscar, sarken, Scott, Xparrot and Zebra.

We have a lot of fixes and improvements in the pipeline, including improved search and filtering for works and bookmarks, but because of the backend work and testing involved with that, we're splitting the release up a bit to minimize complications. This is part one: filtering should be out in our next release, and we'll be starting on some of the systems-level work to pave the way for those shortly!


Public tag relationship pages

We've had lots of requests from users who would like to see more information about how tags on the Archive are wrangled and how they relate to one another. In order to work towards this, we've now made tag information pages visible to all users (until now, these were only visible to tag wranglers). If you go to a tag page you can now see whether that tag has been wrangled and how it relates to other tags. For example, if you go to X-Men: First Class, you can see that this is a fandom tag, that it belongs to the metatags X-Men (Movies) and X-Men (All Media types), and that it has a whole bunch of child tags including a character tag for Charles Xavier, and the 'freeform' tag Beach Divorce.

This post by our Tag Wrangling Committee explains a bit more about tag pages and how our tags are connected to one another behind the scenes. This is an alpha version of this feature: we wanted to start by exposing the basic pages and see how people use them before we develop them further. If you have feedback about how they could be more useful, please do let us know via Support.

Rich Text Editor upgrade

We've had some persistent problems with our rich text editor, which was behaving particularly poorly towards users of Internet Explorer. We've now upgraded to a newer version of the RTE which is better behaved - if you've previously experienced an issue where entering text via the RTE resulted in an error complaining there was no content, this update should fix it for you! We're really glad to have finally squashed this bug.

Tags on bookmarks can now be sorted into categories

A new wrangling feature - previously, tags created by users tagging their bookmarks (using the "Your Tags" input field) would all become Additional Tags (Freeforms). Now, any new tag that is created through a bookmark will initially be listed as an Unsorted Tag, without a category. Wranglers will then be able to sort these tags into the appropriate categories (as well as re-sort existing bookmark-only tags); or, if users put the same tags on works or when bookmarking external works, they will automatically be sorted into whatever category the works tags are created in.

Bookmark tags will still be accessible as before; you should not see any changes in how your old or new bookmark tags work. But with this, bookmark tags will now be able to be merged with matching character, relationship, and fandom tags, which will help users browsing and searching bookmarks to find more relevant works.

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page for current issues.

Release Details


  • Ability to recategorize bookmark tags
  • Alpha version of visible-to-everyone tag pages
  • Updated the Rich Text Editor, made it usable in IE9 and Opera 10+ and fixed several bugs in the process
  • Revised the Support form to make it more useful

Bug fixes

  • Works & Stats
    • Gift notification emails weren't sent when editing a existing work; this has been fixed
    • When previewing a chapter before posting, one was presented with the baffling choice of "Post Chapter", "Revert To Saved" and "Delete Chapter"; the buttons have now been adjusted to be more useful
    • The work information in subscription notifications and in the "Share" text on works didn't include series information; it does now
    • Editing an unposted draft allowed you to orphan it, sending the work into orphan_account's draft limbo; this isn't possible anymore
    • Improved parser handling of a, abbr, acronym, and address HTML tags
    • When trying to import a work from, a URL check would display information about imports being blocked, which wrongly affected links as well; this has been fixed
    • On the Stats page, the sort buttons weren't working in mobile Safari (iPod, iPhone), making it impossible to view works in any order but the default (hits); this has been fixed
    • Multi-fandom works were counted as one work for each fandom they were in, inflating total stats (such as the word count) and messing up graphs on the Stats page; they now only show up once in Flat View and in the charts and don't inflate the total numbers anymore
    • The number of "Comments" on the Stats page actually only reflects top-level comments on a work; the label was changed to "Comment Threads" to avoid confusion
  • Collections & Challenges
    • When uploading a new user icon, the current icon would be displayed for reference; the same functionality has been added for collection icons
    • There was no way to delete an icon, once uploaded; this has been fixed
    • In collection blurbs for moderated collections, an empty button would show up where the Sign Up link for an unmoderated collection would be; the underlying logic has been fixed to display Sign Up/Join buttons for moderated/unmoderated collections/challenges with open/closed sign-ups accordingly
    • There was an issue with the "moderated" setting for a collection or challenge interacting with the "anonymous"/"unrevealed" settings and breaking anonymity; this has been fixed
    • An explanation of the "closed" option was added to the collection settings page
    • Collections only had a Delete button on the profile page; a "Delete Collection" button has now been added to the collection settings, and the "Delete" button for challenge settings was renamed to make it clearer that it only affects the challenge setup
    • When trying to submit a challenge signup that didn't adhere to signup restrictions (e.g. too many fandoms offered), the resulting error message wasn't sufficiently clear and has now been improved
    • The Kudos button on static challenge pages wasn't working; it does now
  • Admin
    • Added pagination to the page admins see when managing requests for extra invites from users
    • Added a restriction to the number of invitations that can be requested by users at one time
    • When users submitted an Abuse report, no copy of the message was sent to them even if they requested one; this has been fixed
  • Design & Display
    • On user and collection pages, the default Archive icon would shine through for icons with transparent backgrounds; we have changed this to make it possible to use transparent icons
    • HTML scopes, captions and summaries were added to the tables in the admin area, along with some rationalisation of the tables and some CSS tweaks.
    • The History page wasn't adhering to our design principles for listing work blurbs; the underlying structure has now been rewritten, fixing a pagination display bug in Chrome in the process
    • The "Notes" and "Your Tags" fields in the bookmarking form were missing visible labels; they are now properly labeled and not naked boxes anymore
    • The "View All Bookmarks" and "View Recs Only" buttons on the bookmarks index behaved differently from similar buttons elsewhere on the site; they are now both always visible, with the currently selected view clearly marked
    • The link text on static collection pages (such as this book fandom index for Yuletide 2010) was a rather sassy red color; we made the red slightly darker to reduce eye strain
    • When looking at challenge pages without being signed in, an empty navigation section would show up where the sign-up links would be if logged in; this has been fixed to hide the section completely in this case
    • In Opera, disabling images would make some link text hard to read; a background color has now been defined to solve this problem
    • Text in a monospace font (kbd, tt, code, var, pre) was very small and hard to read; we increased the font size a notch
    • Text on iPod and iPhone screens in horizontal view was very big; we changed the font size setting to be consistent in both orientations
    • In work blurbs, the title heading had two separate class definitions, breaking page validation; this has been fixed
    • In the Share box on works, the "ctrl A / cmd A" instructions to highlight the share text for copying weren't enclosed in <kbd> tags to signify keyboard input; they are now
    • When tabbing through a work blurb, arriving at the small icons for rating, category, warning etc. wouldn't make them visibly selected; they now have a visible outline
    • There was an issue in IE7 with lists of checkboxes, such as rating options in tag sets, overflowing their container instead of creating the proper scrollbar; this has been fixed
    • Added a .caution class to the "Adding a synonym to a canonical tag will make it non-canonical" warning on tag wrangling pages to make the note stand out more
    • Long collection names didn't wrap properly in the collections filter box, creating a horizontal scrollbar; this has been fixed
  • Accessibility
    • The pseuds drop-down in the user sidebar was skipped when tabbing through the links, making it inaccessible for keyboard navigation; this has been fixed
    • The "Expand full list" button in a user's fandom list was skipped in keyboard navigation; it's now included in the tabbing order
  • Help & Documentation
    • On the fandom index pages, such as for Video Games, we advised to "search this page by pressing ctrl F"; we have now included instructions for Mac users
    • For security reasons, we changed the way looking up your email address in the invite queue worked; the respective page text has now been changed to reflect this
    • The help text for the "Any" field in our Work Search was amended to be clearer
    • A few small text edits were made to the instructions on tag edit pages
    • The People Search didn't have proper help text; it now does
    • It is currently possible to add more than one related link (such as remix source or fanart inspiration) to one's work, although not very easily; we have added help text to explain the workaround
    • There was an option on the Preference page called "Format your own titles"; it has been renamed to "Browser page title format" to describe more accurately what it does
  • Error Extravaganza
    • Trying to list a co-author who wasn't actually a fellow AO3 user would throw an error 500; this has been fixed to give a meaningful error message
    • Trying to add a work to a closed collection would throw an error 500 under certain circumstances; this has now been fixed to give a meaningful error message while making it possible to edit an already existing work in a closed collection
    • Trying to edit a bookmark for a work that had been deleted would throw an error 500; this has been fixed
    • Logging out while the first welcome banner was showing would cause an error 500; this has been fixed
    • Dismissing the first login banner, then turning it back on in Preferences would result in an 404 error; this has been fixed
    • There were problems with a few tags causing 500 errors; to fix this we added a constraint to the database to prevent duplicate tag counters from being created
  • Miscellaneous
    • The bottom Select All/Select None buttons in the Inbox weren't working; this has been fixed for all such buttons across the site
    • The "External Works" count on a tag wrangling page now link to the bookmarks for that tag
    • Changed the icon alt text character limit from 50 to 250