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2012-08-31 14:52:38 -0400

Hello readers, creators, and archivers! It's the end of August which means it's time for an AO3 Newsletter.

Cool stuff on the Archive

This month, we were able to up the number of invitations issued each day to 350. With our invite queue holding steady at 31k, this may seem like a drop in the ocean, but we are excited to welcome that many more users to Archive each day. We're also excited to announce that AD&T, Tag Wrangling and Support have a great big deploy coming soon to an Archive near you. Release 0.9.0 contains new features and a whole lot of bug fixes; stay tuned for details in the coming week.

What’s up in the world of tags?

One of the most used Additional Tags on the Archive is Alternate Universe. There are currently 45k works tagged to indicate some form of Alternate Universe!

Popular universe tropes on the AO3 include Modern Settings, High School and Gender Changes. There are tags for AUs based on where characters work, such as Coffee Shop, Circus and Library; AUs much more out of this world, like Dragons and Shapeshifters; and AUs that put the characters out of time, from Ancient Greece & Rome to the 1960s.

We're always interested to see what other universes are out there!

Support Superstars

Support have had our hands full this month with a whopping 542 tickets opened in August. We've closed 511 of those tickets and have 31 left to go!

AD&T Committee business of note

As we mentioned in last month's newsletter, our fearless captain mumble leads the way as we update the AO3 roadmap. As a guide for site development, a roadmap helps to keep us on task while we work on new features and plan deploys. We can't promise that we'll be able to keep to it exactly--a quick glance at our old roadmap should show you where we got off track--but it does provide us a framework to work with and milestones to work towards. For example, milestones such as release 0.9.0! We've been hard at work on this deploy which will roll out new features, bug fixes, and upgrades that will help Support, Tag Wrangling, and the Archive to run more smoothly. And finally, with Sarken as our guide, we continue work on a brand new header for the site (another milestone!) and have plans to consult you on various aspects and features of the header sometime soon.

Support Committee business of note

Users have kept Support busy this month. We've answered some 'Help - how do I...' questions, logged some bugs, and recorded some feature requests. Our new Support Form is almost ready for prime time. It's currently in the testing stage, and if all goes well, it should go live in the next deploy.

Tag Wrangling Committee business of note

In the upcoming deploy, we're looking forward to making public some of the behind-the-scenes tag pages that wranglers see! In these public tag pages, you will be able to see what sort of tag structures are used when our wranglers get wrangling. In connection with this new Archive feature, we're also working towards moving our guidelines to the Archive's FAQ pages, discussing revisions of some of the Archive's tagging terminology, and making some of our internal guidelines clearer and more consistent.


While moving servers behind an upgraded, more secure firewall, we introduced a typo that caused some users to be redirected to a site that was decidedly not AO3. We've been receiving reports from users who are still unable to access the Archive; if this has been the case for you, please read this post and let us know if you continue to have trouble. Tag filtering remains unavailable as we continue rewriting the necessary code to give you a better tag-filtering experience. We also ran into some problems with audio embeds when we inadvertently deployed code that allowed Google audio embeds, which is an embed we cannot support.

We apologize for the inconveniences these mistakes have caused and appreciate your continued patience with us.

Questions? Comments?

We welcome feedback from users! If you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comments of the latest news post, or send in a Support request (if you're reporting a bug, please send that to Support, as they're super efficient - comments on our news posts sometimes get overlooked).