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Here at AO3, we'll be celebrating the new year by giving the homepage a brand new look. Read on for a sneak peek of the upcoming changes!

Logged out version

The logged out homepage with introductory text, fandom links, news posts, and Twitter widget

The Archive's homepage has always introduced the Archive and its mission to first time visitors and kept returning guests up to date with the latest news and tweets, and that won't change! However, because we're striving to make the homepage even more useful and informative, we'll be adding a few more things:

  • The News section will now include excerpts from the latest news posts to make it easier to stay informed. We'll be adding comment counts, too, so you can tell when a post sparks discussion.
  • We'll mention some of the benefits of creating an AO3 account to make sure everyone knows there are plenty of reasons to join the Archive even if you don't plan to post any works.
  • Links to the fandom categories will give first-time visitors a clear starting point to help them dive in and explore the Archive.

Logged in version

The logged in homepage with fandom links, news posts, marked for later works, inbox items, and Twitter widget

Logged in users will see a much more drastic change. We're taking away the introductory text -- we know each other already! -- and adding some customized content to make the homepage feel more like home.

  • Find something to read, watch, listen to, or look at even on slow days in your fandom with a random selection of three works you've Marked for Later.
  • Connect with other users by reading and replying to your three most recent unread Inbox messages.

If you don't have anything Marked for Later or any unread Inbox items, these sections will be hidden (and if you only have one or two items Marked for Later or in your Inbox, we'll only show those one or two items). Similarly, the Marked for Later section will be unavailable if you've disabled the "Turn on Viewing History" preference, and the Inbox section will be unavailable if you've set your preferences to "Turn off messages to your inbox about comments."

One more thing...

The logged in homepage, with the fandom links replaced by link to tags the user has chosen

We've saved the biggest and best change for last: logged in users will now be able to add up to twenty Favorite Tags to their homepage! This means you'll have easy access to the work listings for any of your favorite canonical tags without needing to rely on browser bookmarks.

A tag's work listing, now with a Favorite Tag button between the Bookmarks and RSS feed links

To add a Favorite Tag, simply go to the tag's work listing and select the "Favorite Tag" button. A link back to the tag's work listing will immediately be added to your homepage. This works for any kind of canonical tag: categories like Gen, warnings like Major Character Death, ratings like Explicit, fandoms like 주군의 태양 | The Master's Sun, relationships like Karma Ashcroft/Amy Raudenfeld, characters like Sue Ellen Ewing, and additional tags like Polyamory.

A tag's work listing, with the Favorite Tag button replaced by an Unfavorite Tag button

And if you ever want to remove a tag from your favorites, just head back to the tag's work listing and select "Unfavorite Tag" to remove it.

Planning for the future

We're always aiming to make the Archive easier and more fun to use, so if there's anything you'd like to see in future versions of the homepage, just let us know by leaving a comment on this post.

Thanks for using AO3 -- we look forward to bringing the new homepage to you soon!