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2012-07-04 15:58:31 -0400

These release notes bring together details for two small updates, one we deployed shortly after Release 0.8.19 to address a couple of issues which arose, and the one we deployed today.

Some of you may have noticed a temporary site glitch on June 30/July 1. This was caused by a leap second in the UTC time standard which caused problems for a number of sites across the web. Our servers got all confuzzled and had to be rebooted by our ever-alert Systems team. Unfortunately, a small number of kudos and subscriptions emails were lost during this time: many apologies for this!

Today's deploy comprises a handful of small tweaks to the Archive, which make up the last of our performance-related "emergency" updates. We will now focus on the upcoming 0.9.0 release, which we're hoping to have ready to go later this month. This release will come with a major rewrite of the browse & search navigation (replacing the currently disabled filtering system) and a host of bug fixes. Expect significant improvements to rich text editing, collections and challenges, and the help pop-ups all around the site, among many other things.

Over the past few months, we've had a total of eight new coder volunteers coming in, many of whom dived right into our code and already submitted bug fixes or are currently working on feature enhancements. In addition, the Testers group welcomed several new volunteers. We are grateful to anyone donating their time, skills and passion to the Archive, be it as coders, testers, tag wranglers or Support staff. Many thanks also to the members of the Volunteers & Recruiting committee, who have been tireless in getting new people sorted and settled in. \o/

Mini-release: 0.8.20 (deployed 17 June 2012)

  • We made some tweaks to the caching system introduced earlier (more details in our Update on AO3 performance issues), because it was generating error messages for some tag pages.

Current release: 0.8.21

  • We added a help pop-up to the Work Search form, including some tips for searching by tag, which lets you combine ratings, warnings, fandoms, characters etc. into a host of search options.
  • Since it was taking a very long time to generate the search index, making it impossible to search for new works, we've disabled searching by the number of kudos (which were the major bottleneck) until the new system is up and running.
  • Several users contacted Support in alarm when it looked like they were suddenly logged into someone else's account. At no point was security actually compromised, this was merely the result of faulty cookie handling in some browsers confusing the caching and serving up "logged in" pages to guests. Since guests cannot access areas restricted to account holders to begin with, this only affected public pages. We believe the problem is now fixed.
  • Assigning numbered IDs to each invite request created a potential security issue which we fixed in Release 0.8.19. Due to this change, the previous, bookmarkable page to check one's position in the queue wasn't working anymore. We fixed the message and page text accordingly.
  • When checking up on an invite request on the requests page, the search button would just hang without a message if your email wasn't found in the queue. This has been fixed.

Known issues

See our Known Issues page. For the latest site status information, check our Twitter AO3_Status.