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2012-06-13 07:46:29 -0400

Yet another update from your tireless archive volunteers! James from our Systems Committee has been making adjustments behind the scenes to stabilize the servers and get the most out of our caching, and we've seen some good improvements there. At the same time, we've been working on improving or scaling back the areas of our code where changes will give us the biggest gains.


In order to improve performance further, tag filtering on work listing pages is disabled for the time being, until we roll out our new system. You can read more about this change in our post on disabling filters. We know this is an inconvenience for many users, but the filters are really the 800-pound gorilla sitting on top of our database - the works pages are both the most popular and the slowest on the site, which is a bad combination. We've had plans to fix them for a while, and that's underway. However, we need a few more weeks to finish and deploy the upgrade, since it also affects our search engine and quite a lot of our code. Our top priority is to make sure works remain accessible to users, and that new works and feedback can be posted and accessed. Looking carefully at our code and our stats, we concluded that removing filtering was the best way to ensure these goals in the short-term.

You'll still be able to view all the works for a particular tag, view the works for a user or collection in a particular fandom, and use our search feature to refine your results. Our post on disabling filters includes some handy tips to help you find what you're looking for. We hope to have full functionality restored to you soon! As a bonus side effect of this change, we've been able to remove the 1000 work limit on lists of works. This is because without the filters we can rely on the pagination system to limit the amount that we retrieve from the database at one time. So, while you can't filter your results any more, you CAN go through and read every work posted in your fandom! We hope this will compensate a little for the inconvenience.

Work Stats Caching

We've also done more caching of work stats (all the counts of comments, bookmarks, hits, etc.), so you may notice that these update more slowly on index pages now. The information is all still being recorded; we're just waiting a little longer to go get the counts for each work to spread out the load.

People Listings

The alphabetical people listings on the People page weren't actually that useful for finding users, and they were another performance drain.

We've replaced the full alphabetical listing with a listing of 10 random users, and added emphasis on the search. Note you can use wildcards in the search, so if you're not sure of someone's name you can enter part of it followed by an asterisk to get similar names. For example, entering Steve* would get Steve_Rogers_lover, SteveMcGarrettsGirl, stevecarrellrocks, etc.

Invitation Requests

We've suspended user requests for additional invitations for now as well. If you need invitations urgently for a challenge or for an archive rescue project, please contact Support. We also fixed an issue that potentially allowed users to snoop for other emails in the waiting queue.

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who has been working hard on these issues, especially James, who has put in lots of hours tweaking the servers, and Elz, who has been doing the heavy lifting on code changes. Thanks also to all of you for your patience and understanding while we work!

And finally...

The great news is that so far, this emergency measure does seem to be having a noticeable effect. Our server load has diminished dramatically since we deployed this change:

Graph showing server load, with a mark showing the time of the deploy. The load drops dramatically from this time onwards.