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2015-01-11 08:00:49 -0500


  • Coders: Elz, Enigel, james_, Marie Markwell, Sarken, Scott
  • Code reviewers: Elz, Enigel, james_, Sarken
  • Testers: Anika Kabit, Lady Oscar, Matty, mugenmine, mumble, pendrecarc, Sarken



  • It was previously possible for suspended accounts to request new invitations and access the ones already granted. We're now blocking those accounts from using their invitations (e.g. to invite friends or create a new account) and from requesting more.
  • The big chunk of code responsible for handling accounts and user-related actions had become unwieldy and messy over time. It has now been refactored--cleaned up and reorganized--to adhere to best practices.


  • Challenges that were set to "moderated" (i.e. works can be submitted, but must be approved by a mod before they appear) were not included on the Open Challenges page. Now they are.
  • Previously, if you went to the posting form and used one of the Open Assignments checkboxes to fulfill a gift exchange assignment, but the gift exchange collection was closed, you'd get a 500 error. Now you will be redirected back to the posting form.


  • To help battle spam works (see our post Urgent Anti-Spam Measures for context), we've started recording the IP addresses from which works are posted, with the information only visible to site admins, e.g. Abuse personnel. This allows us to suspend spam accounts (accounts specifically set up to flood the Archive with advertisements) more efficiently.
  • On the "Import New Work" page, the link to the relevant Importing & Mass Editing FAQ was broken, as it hadn't been adjusted to the new FAQ structure yet. It works now!
  • The button for displaying a work in individual chapters, rather than all on one page, was renamed from "View Chapter-by-chapter" to "Chapter by Chapter" for button labeling consistency.
  • The "Subscribe to the feed" button on work lists by tag (e.g. Agent Carter (TV)) was renamed to say "RSS Feed", to distinguish it from our Subscription feature. (Read more in our Subscriptions and Feeds FAQ.)


  • The Error 500 page was displaying a sad little Archive mascot juggling Error 502 messages before, which was misleading. It is now merely sad.
  • As our temporary donation page (created for the last Membership Drive) will be in use a while longer, we adjusted some wording and links to avoid confusion.
  • The help text for the "Apply to make public" option for Site Skins was advising to use CSS comments for attribution and notes. However, due to the way we currently sanitize CSS, the comments are getting stripped out. The help text now tells you to use the Description field. Note: We are currently not reviewing submitted Site Skins, and are thinking of better ways to handle skins in general.

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page for current issues.