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2012-04-21 13:13:14 -0400

Welcome to Release 0.8.13. Elz, Enigel, Firewolf, mumble and Sarken contributed code to this release, which was tested by our awesome testing team: Enigel, Jenn, Kylie, Sarken, mumble, Xparrot, and Zebra.

This early release is brought to you courtesy of a bug which was introduced in the last release. Trying to post a draft without previewing would only save changes to the draft, not publish the work. Unfortunately, it interacted with other draft-related bugs and resulted in complications for several users. We're choosing to deploy fixes for these bugs early, and move other changes planned for April to the May release instead.


More informative page titles!

Did you ever bookmark a fandom or pairing tag only to have it show up in your Delicious or Pinboard account as "works index" without any information whatsoever? Do you navigate to a page and view the title only to see something like "Archive of Our Own » users show" and feel bemused? Bemusify no more, page titles have been added that are more meaningful! Most pages now display more granular information which will hopefully make for less bewildering bookmarks and easier browsing; some work remains to be done though. Please bear with us while we make sure that all pages have helpful titles and do feel free to point out anything that seems off to you.

Series subscriptions!

In response to popular demand and following subscribe to user and subscribe to work in progress, we have added subscribe to series so you can keep up with those lovely, long series. You can find the Subscribe button at the top of all series pages. The current release will not trigger an email notification if an already-posted work is added to a series, however. This will be fixed in the next code push.

Note to authors: Your series will show up as a work in progress until you edit the series information and tick the "This series is complete" box at the bottom.

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page for current issues.

Release Details


  • Page titles have been updated to show more meaningful information!
  • You can now subscribe to a series as well as users and works! \o/
  • Tag wranglers can now mark and manage tags as unwrangleable!

Bug fixes

  • Works
    • The character limit for chapters was interacting in unfortunate ways with the paragraph tags added by the parser, resulting in invalid works (that couldn't be bookmarked, for instance); this has been fixed by adding a buffer for HTML tags to the allowed chapter length
    • Trying to post a draft without preview wouldn't actually post the work, resulting in a work that only looked published; this has been fixed
    • The saved draft of a work would appear exactly like a published work to the author, potentially causing some confusion; a small notice banner at the the top now informs you that the work hasn't been posted yet
    • When commenting in view-full-work mode on a work with unposted chapters, the comment would get "attached" to the last chapter, even if it was still a draft; this has been fixed
    • On a pseud's work index, it would say "# Works found by USER", even though it was only a subset of works by that user; it now says "# Works found by PSEUD (USER)"
  • Series
    • The option to add a co-author to a series was broken, making it impossible to have a shared series with another user; this has been fixed now
    • Trying to edit a series and going over the character limit in the Description or Note field would result in an error 500, this has been fixed
    • Before deleting series information from a work, the confirmation message would only say, "Are you sure?" which wasn't very clear; it will now clarify that the series will be deleted from all works (not just removed from this one)
    • When adding a new series to a work and using "Post without preview", the series would become visible to logged-in users only with no way for the author to lift that restriction; this bug has been fixed and only series consisting entirely of restricted works will themselves be restricted
  • Frontend
    • Some pages, such as the Donation page and the FAQs were hard to scan; whitespace and formatting have been adjusted for easier processing
    • There were instances of text-transform and font-variant in our stylesheets that were deemed problematic from a translation perspective; these have been removed and all user content and site elements should now show up as intended
    • Some sections on several Archive pages didn't adhere to our standards for CSS classes, making them difficult to style in skins; those have been tidied up
    • The draft notice text on chapter drafts was obscured by a wonky line; this has been fixed
    • The explanatory text for the "Canonical" field on tag wrangling pages was missing a paragraph tag; it has been added now
    • The homepage was missing some landmarks (important for screenreader access); they have now been added
    • The stylesheet had an invalid cursor value for links; this has been fixed
    • The stylesheet links in the site header did not meet XHTML Strict standards as the tags weren't closed; they are now
    • Editing a comment and going over the character limit, the text field would shrink when clicking Update, making it difficult to edit the comment down to the proper length; this has been fixed
    • In the filter box on work pages, the arrow and filter names now trigger the pointer cursor, making it more obvious that they can be clicked to expand
    • The "hidden by admin" icon would not show up in the respective bookmark blurbs and help text box; this has been fixed
  • Misc.
    • Previously it was only possible to add alt text and comments to a user icon; the same can now be done for a Collection icon
    • The edit/wrangle/works links on tag wrangle pages were set to open in a new window or tab; this has been changed so they open in the same window now
    • The text in password reset/generated password emails was missing a word; it has been added now
    • There was a small HTML error in gift notification emails; this has been tidied up
    • When creating an account and repeating the chosen password wrong, the resulting error message would be wonky in several ways; this has been fixed now
    • The deviantART importer (using expanded fav links, e.g. URLs in the form of /art/TITLE-12345) has been fixed to work with recent HTML changes on dA's end