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2009-12-19 19:18:17 -0500

Welcome to Release and Release (deployed five hours later) and *coughs* Release (deployed a day later again) and Release (and again) or Revision 1980 1985 1995 2001, up from 1957. This is a bug-fixing release and as such is mostly composed of minor changes.

Our next deploy will be a couple of fixes we're working on right now to resolve issues with the 'Post New' form loading slowly and possibly a fix for the tags cloud. Some time next year!

Any critical fixes we need for Yuletide coming through in a trickle.

Known Issues

See Known Issues page

Release Details

Fixed in R1980:

  • Fixed mousing to "confirm password" field problem during account creation
  • Fixed character limit for FAQ and re-factored into sections
  • Fixed problem with fandoms not showing up in 'fandoms' page
  • Fixed editing works in Challenge bug
  • Fixes to gift recipients code
  • Temporarily suppressing printing 'most-used' tags on users to prevent giving away Yuletide Authors (real fix incoming)

Fixed in R1985:

  • Post New form no longer pre-loads all tags in database (performance improvement)
  • Collection tag cloud now only show canonical freeform tags, sorted alphabetically, and includes tags from subcollections/challenges

Fixed in R1995:

  • tweak to text of Beta invitation email
  • caching for the collection fandom index
  • back end tags fix for multimedia fandoms (endless loops of DOOM)

Fixed in R2001:

  • problem with duplicate tags
  • color of 'choose not to' warning icon (hey, it was there!)
  • bug with drafts showing up in gift list of the recipient