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2009-12-17 17:28:55 -0500

Welcome to Release 0.7.2. Revision 1957, up from 1789. This is the big Yuletide release and very likely our last significant release of 2009!

A special thank you to our testers for checking over a vast number of changes in a very, very limited amount of time. They did a ton of work to help get the collections code finished and make this year's Yuletide possible. <3


  • Collections and Challenges! This is the big new shiny toy, and it will be getting quite a workout with the Yuletide challenge in the coming week! For more information, check out the Collections section of our FAQ (more info coming soon!).
  • Warnings have been revised a bit based on user feedback and cross-committee discussion. For a detailed explanation of the changes, please see our latest post on warnings.
  • The fandoms pages are currently undergoing a redesign. What you'll see now is a very basic version, but it should load quite a bit faster than what we had previously, and the work counts should be more accurate. You'll also be able to browse collections by fandom - it's also very basic, but we wanted to get it in there!
  • Finally, we made some changes to tags that we're very excited about, allowing them to be longer and contain a wider variety of letters from different languages, and we've done a lot of work to improve the accessibility and cross-browser compatibility of various pages on the site, which is something we'll continue working on in the new year.

Known Issues

Please see our Known Issues page.

Next projects

First, we make sure everything goes well with the Yuletide challenge. Then, we take a nap. Then, we start attacking our list of projects for 2010. \o/


Release details

Bugs Fixed

  • The header and main navigation should now at least be visible and functional in IE 6. It's not a browser we plan to support fully, but we hope to make things somewhat usable for people who are stuck with it.
  • In IE 7: multiple improvements to the homepage, the links to comment on or bookmark a work, the edit profile page, the comment form, tag links, and the new user page.
  • Other front-end fixes to the homepage, the profile page, the edit work page, the page to edit multiple works, user pages, the support form, the reading history page, and, of course, the collections pages. (Go, go, front-end coders!)
  • The character limit on tags has been raised to 100, making it much easier to (among other things) list threesome pairings.
  • Tags can now contain a much wider variety of characters, including international unicode characters: letters with accents and umlauts, non-Western alphabets, etc.
  • Fixed the very annoying bug with filters not accurately reflecting edits made to a work's tags, which caused works to show up in the wrong places when browsing. (Note: once we're sure this is fixed going forward, we'll be able to shuffle all your works back to where they belong, but that will happen in the next release.)
  • When you post a new work with an invalid tag, the valid tags should still be there when the form reloads.
  • When you go to the languages page, you should no longer be able to get all works in English at once.
  • You should never get more than 1,000 works at once, on the main works page or on any other page. The upside is that the pages won't take an age and a half to load anymore.
  • When you post a work with a pairing and an unofficial/non-canonical name for one of the characters in that pairing, they should now be collapsed the way other cast tags are if the wranglers have set up the relationships behind the scenes.
  • Bookmarks on user and pseud pages should be listed in the order in which they were created, not the order in which they were edited.
  • The links to mark comments on your works as spam/not spam should be working properly now.
  • The admin backend is now about a thousand times less hideously ugly than it was before. (Poor admins.)


Other New Features

  • Added a hit counter! If you go to your preferences, you'll see that you can control both whether other people can see hit counters on your works and whether you can see them on your works when you're logged in.
  • Added a link to our Known Issues page in the footer of each page.
  • Added special stylesheets for Internet Explorer, which should be a big help going forward.