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2012-03-01 22:40:18 -0500

Welcome to Release 0.8.11. Elz, erda, Firewolf, Jenny S-T, Naomi, Rebecca, Sam J., Sarken and tuff_ghost contributed code to this release, which was tested by our awesome testing team: Highlander II, hill, Irene, Jenn, Sarken, Sole, Kylie, Tai, Xparrot and Zebra.


Editing Multiple Works

This feature, accessible from the top right of your Works page, has been around for a while and in need of some loving attention for almost as long. Thanks to senior coder Naomi it is now possible to add or change meta information such as warnings and ratings, tags or authors all in one go. You can also lock all your works, or all your works in one fandom, to Archive members only, or add several stories to a Collection with one click. This feature also enables you to delete or orphan several works at once – please use with caution!

The page has been restructured to list your works by fandom, and you can select or deselect all works, or all works in one fandom, with the “All” or “None” buttons at the top, or next to the fandom name.

Please note that your edits will replace any already existing values! Whatever you type into the Additional Tags field, for example, won’t just be added to your existing tags, it will overwrite them. Please be careful when using this feature. If you leave a field blank or a box unchecked the corresponding information on your selected works will remain unchanged.

CSS Fixes

A big shout-out to our new design lead Sarken, who dug deep into our CSS code to tackle a whole load of layout and display issues. We do our best to support a wide array of browsers, mobile devices and assistive tech, with the main focus on accessibility above all else. Something that might look pretty in a browser might break access via screenreader, a bug fix that works in one browser might create more problems in another, and something that might look like an easy tweak might actually require non-trivial backend changes. We hope you’ll bear with us while we iron out any existing problems and further improve the skins feature, and welcome all feedback and bug reports through our Support form.

Linking to Works on

When you bookmark an offsite work or list it as the source of a remix or translation, we currently check to make sure that the link is actually active. Recently, this resulted in errors when trying to bookmark or credit a work on, since they’ve blocked us from accessing their site. We’re now disabling the URL verification process for links, so you should be able to credit and bookmark all offsite works again.

Email Queue

We currently have over 36,000 users, posting, editing and commenting on works, leaving kudos, signing up for challenges and generally keeping our servers nice and busy. Sometimes this leads to a large backlog of notifications waiting to be sent out and clogging up the pipes when people are waiting for account activation or password reset emails. Until we’ve put a more longterm solution in place to deal with the sheer volume of messages we’re sending out daily, time-sensitive notifications will be prioritized and sent directly to the front of the queue. We’ll be monitoring the effects of these tweaks on the email backlog.

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page for current issues.

Release Details


  • Fixed and enhanced the option to edit or delete multiple works at once (when editing please note the warnings before submitting your changes!)

Bug fixes

  • Works
    • Fixed an issue where work titles with ampersands would display incorrectly in .epub downloads
    • Non-Roman characters were being turned into HTML code entities by the parser when trying to edit the work, this has been fixed – hurray! Apologies to those users who were inconvenienced by this bug.
    • Disabled URL verification for so all offsite works can be bookmarked and credited again
  • Collections & Challenges
    • Fixed an issue with erroneous Warnings and Ratings tags (such as “No Archive Warnings A”) showing up in tag sets and challenge sign-up forms
    • Did some back-end work on the code which generates prompt index pages to speed up the loading process
  • Frontend & Design
    • The Help boxes across the site were unwieldy or inaccessible for users who rely on their keyboard for navigation; after some rewrites under the hood these issues should be fixed and the boxes should behave more consistently across browsers
    • Rewrote the way images (such as our warnings/ratings/completeness/etc. icons in work blurbs) are handled, hopefully streamlining page loads in the process (see CSS Image Sprites for more information)
    • Fixed the bottom pagination on the Inbox page (it was slipping to the side of the messages)
    • Made sure the “Notes:” header will only show up when notes are present
    • Fixed a display issue with the user name heading on the profile page
    • Fixed an issue with the size of the work text box when adding a new chapter
    • Fixed an issue with the size of the chapter title text field when posting or editing a chaptered work
    • The greeting in the header which is visible in some skins wasn’t linking to the user’s dashboard; it is now
    • Corrected the landmark text on the Popular Tags page (important for screenreader access)
    • Fixed a small issue with the pagination landmark on users’ Bookmarks pages
    • The “Most Popular” navigation item on the Tags page was displaying as plain text, it is now properly styled
    • The mobile stylesheet contained elements of the Slim Shaded skin, resulting in conflicts with other skins: this has been fixed
    • In blurbs without a summary the stats line and the edit buttons would be smushed too close, this has been fixed
    • Fixed a display issue with the chapter reorder buttons in various browsers
    • The button on Collection Rules pages said “en, Rules”, this has been corrected
    • There was an issue with text slipping under the user icon on Collection dashboards, this has been fixed
    • Got rid of double commas between maintainers in collection blurbs
    • Fixed a problem with the font in comment boxes interacting with browser default sizes for monospace font which resulted in very small text
    • Fixed a display issue with user icons on tag wrangler pages
    • Fixed a display issue with tables on mass-wrangling pages
    • Fixed a formatting issue with the action buttons on mass-wrangling pages
    • Fixed an issue with the Mystery Work icon when viewing a unrevealed work in your reading history
    • When hovering over the search field in the header, a small grey box suggesting some example search operators should pop up right below it; this was previously only working on Firefox and now works in Chrome, Opera, Safari, and IE 7 — it is, alas, still not working in IE 8 or 9.
    • Fixed a formatting issue with request/offer descriptions in Challenge signup tables
    • A bunch of small errors with work footers were fixed: lists of related series and lists of related works are now formatted consistently, and alignment issues with series information and “inspired by” links have been fixed. The changes mean you can now also style these elements with work skins.
    • Fixed alignment issues with the reordering buttons on the Manage Chapters page across a variety of browsers
    • Tweaked the way draggable list items (such as on the Manage Series pages) are displayed to make it more obvious what you can move around
    • Our CSS files were written with all definitions on one line, this was changed to pretty-print (more linebreaks and whitespace) for ease of use
  • Tag Wrangling
    • Fixed a redirect issue where removing a tag from the mass-wrangling page page would load the fandom page, rather than returning to mass-wrangling
    • Fixed a display issue where subtags and synonyms on Tag Edit pages were incorrectly formatted, also added mass-removal checkboxes
    • Closed a loophole making wrangler comments potentially visible to non-wranglers; wrangler status will now be checked even if the comment URL is known
  • Emails
    • Added a “support the OTW” link to the footer of all outgoing emails
    • Changed wording of the invitation email text to lessen the focus on fanfiction and further encompass all fanworks
    • Tweaked the email queue to prioritize account activation and password reset emails
    • Fixed an issue with 500 errors when clicking the account activation link
  • Misc.
    • Fixed link to the volunteering form on the Donate/Volunteering page and changed wording from the potentially misleading “Donate”
    • Fixed a redirect issue when editing your profile, it now stays on the correct page after updating
    • Removed the option to sign up using OpenID as part of our process of phasing OpenID out
    • Added a character counter to the “Icon comment text” field on Edit Pseud and Add New Pseud pages
    • Prepared backend code for abuse reports and admin mailers for internationalization