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2009-12-17 03:55:02 -0500

Samvara was enjoying the last of her vacation this weekend, so the meeting was co-chaired by elz and bingeling! This update brought to you by elz.

Deploy Schedule: We're pushing code out to be tested as quickly as we can with the plan to deploy before the end of the week. We'd like to get Yuletide users set up as soon as possible, but there's been an awful lot of code to verify, though the testers are doing a fantastic job!

Open Beta: Servers holding steady, although we're constantly looking for ways to improve performance and make pages speedier. The waiting time for new accounts is pretty minimal, so it's a good time to sign up or request invites for your friends.

ZOMG YULETIDE: Coming up very, very, VERY soon! The coders, testers and tag wranglers have been working hard to get everything in place, and support and communications have been coordinating with the Yuletide mods to hopefully make the process go as smoothly as possible for Yuletide participants. Stay tuned for Yuletide-specific posts on all frequencies!

Code: lots and LOTS of work going on with Collections and Challenges. The front-end coders (whose numbers have grown! \o/) have also been doing great work making the code more accessible and more compatible with Internet Explorer. And we're doing a lot of design and brainstorming for issues we'll tackle after Yuletide.

Stuff coming up:

Warnings: we decided on a new icon to differentiate works with warnings that are not provided from works with specific warnings attached to them. Look for that in our next release.

Tags: we're expanding the character limit to 100 and allowing a greater variety of characters in tags, which should make things more convenient for fans of non-English sources and pairings that involve more than two characters. We're also actively working on making changes to the Warning and Category sections of the posting form to increase clarity and usability and to better reflect the diversity of relationship types that works may include. (Better support for polyamory in 2010!) We also tackled, and will continue working on, how to improve the tag cloud and how to make the best possible use of our tag wrangling data when it comes to filtering and browsing.

If there are things you want to do/say - feel free to share either in comments, or by volunteering, or whatever medium you're comfortable with. We welcome your input. :)