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2009-12-01 11:58:40 -0500

Welcome to Release Revision 1789, up from 1762. This is a fairly small release, with a few bugfixes and the first round of code for Collections and Challenges \0/


Collections and Challenges! This release includes the first set of code which will be needed for Collections. Most of the changes are not visible ones: we've put in some of the behind-the-scenes code which will be necessary for importing from other Archives (we'll be using this to rescue stories of Yuletide past from the decaying Yuletide site, all being well).

Known Issues

Please see our Known Issues page.

Next projects

We're focusing on Collections and Challenges from now up until Christmas, in order to be sure that everything is tickety-boo for Yuletide. We're also looking to make some improvements to how the site displays in IE7.

Release details


Fix for "Post Comment" not actually posting comment on first click

Fix for problem with cast tags with non-canonical characters in pairing - this should fix the problem which was causing some people to get 500 errors on their profile pages.

Fix for wonky display on some tag pages

Fix for a problem with sorting filtered results

Fix for an error which occurred when filtering bookmarks by tag

New things

Added feature: importing works for other users (not available for use yet)

Added feature: redirect to imported stories from their original URLs

Added feature: allow users to opt out of notifications of imported stories, and to opt out of having stories uploaded in the future.


Removed old code for 'Communities' (now replaced by 'Collections')

Updated warnings help popup to make it a bit clearer

Increased number of works which can be imported at once.

Code for import/story parser refactored and improved

Made some edits to help popups on the works form.