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2011-07-25 12:56:54 -0400

Over the weekend, we deployed version of the Archive, which includes a couple of urgent fixes that couldn't wait until the next update. In particular, the issue with password resets (where new passwords said they were expired) has been resolved. If you were having trouble with that, clicking through the password reset once more should clear it up.

We also fixed some issues with the autocomplete: it should now be working in Internet Explorer 7 and, if a new tag is marked canonical by a tag wrangler, it should now be swiftly added to the autocomplete options. In reverse, removing the canonical status from a tag was also affecting similar tags (they wouldn't appear in the autocomplete anymore), this has also been fixed.

There were also a few issues related to the new prompt meme feature, such as a too-persistently cached table of prompts and a few leftover references to gift exchanges, all of which have been fixed. Development on prompt memes is still ongoing, so if you notice anything weird or buggy, feel free to send us feedback.