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2011-07-11 12:47:12 -0400

Please note: Prompt memes are still at alpha stage and are in active development, so you may run into bugs. We're also still refining the user interface. More improvements coming soon!

A prompt meme challenge is a collection where participants leave prompts for other writers to use in a fanwork. It can be open or closed, anonymous* or not.

The basics

Getting started

To set up a prompt meme, go to the Archive's main Collections page. You must be signed in to open a new prompt meme challenge. Click on the "New Collection" button.

Required settings

You must pick a name for your new prompt meme. This will be the name the Archive associates with your collection. It is used in urls, so the name can only include letters (Latin characters), underscores and numbers.

You must pick a display title for your new prompt meme. This will be the title that is displayed to your users. This name can include spaces and non-Latin characters.

Optional settings

You may choose to upload an icon for your prompt meme. Icons icons must be 100 by 100 pixels in size. (You can upload larger or smaller images, but be aware they will be resized to 100 by 100.) They can be in jpeg, png or gif format.

If you want this to be one of a set of linked challenges, enter the name of a parent collection (must be a collection you maintain). For example, if you run a kink meme with several different rounds, you would create a collection called 'My Awesome Kink Meme' as the parent collection, and then make that the parent of subcollections 'My Awesome Kink Meme 2011' and 'My Awesome Kink Meme 2012'. All the rounds of your kink meme will then be linked together, and you can reuse the FAQ and profile from the parent collection instead of writing them again for each sub-collection.

Optionally, enter the email address where you would like to receive notifications about your prompt meme. If you don't enter an email here, notifications will be sent to the email associated with your AO3 account.

Optionally, enter the URL for a custom header image if you want one for your collection.

Choosing your settings:

Check the box if you want your new prompt meme collection to be moderated. You probably want to leave it unmoderated so you don't have to approve every new story. Don't worry - you can still delete stories that aren't appropriate for your collection.
You may change your collection's status to moderated or add a new moderator or owner later.

If you close the collection, no new stories may be added to your prompt meme.

If you check the box to make the collection unrevealed, works will be hidden until you reveal them.

If you check the box to make the collection anonymous, authors will be listed as "anonymous," but will be visible to you. (At this time there is no way to make a completely anonymous collection where even the mods can't see the identity of authors.)

To make your collection a prompt meme challenge, you must select "Prompt Meme" from the drop-down box labeled, "If this collection is for a challenge, please choose the type.'

Additional information

Optionally, fill in the text boxes (plain text with limited html) with your desired Introduction, FAQ, and Rules. You have 100000 characters for each. If your challenge has a parent collection, then it will inherit information from that for any of these fields that you leave blank.

Optionally, you may enter a custom message for the emails sent out with Gift Notifications - i.e. the notification users will receive when someone fulfils their prompt. You have 1250 characters. (There is also a box for custom text for Assignment Notifications, but these don't apply for prompt memes.)

Finishing your new prompt meme:

You must click the "Submit" button. If you don't, all your changes will be lost.
Not to worry: you can edit your prompt meme's settings later.

Once you click 'Submit', you will be taken to a second setup page where you can open signups and tweak the settings for your challenge.

Opening and customising your prompt meme challenge

Opening the challenge and setting the schedule

By default, your challenge is set as closed. When you're happy with your settings, tick the box to open signups. If you want to run the challenge for a limited period, you can close the signups again whenever you're ready.

You can enter key times and dates for your challenge - opening and closing times for signups, author reveals if applicable, and the deadline for responses.

Please note: Currently the dates are provided only for information. You will need to manually open and close signup.

Prompt settings

If you want to run an anonymous prompt meme, you can set prompts to be anonymous by default (participants can choose to deanon if they want to).

You can set a minimum of prompts per sign-up, and a maximum number of allowed prompts.

Request settings

In this section, you can set requirements for what prompts must include. By default, all prompts are set to allow one fandom, one character and one relationship, and allow a detailed description, but you can change these settings however you want!

If you'd like to allow or require people to include a url in their prompt (for example, you want to run an art prompts challenge where people link to the prompt images, select that option here.

Tag options

If you want to, you can define what tags people can choose from when making their prompts. These options are mostly useful for gift exchanges (where you want to be sure people are using a defined range of tags for matching purposes) - if you'd like more information on tag options check out the tutorial on setting up a gift exchange.

Signup Instructions

You can enter custom signup instructions to help people participating in your challenge. If you have edited the settings on this page - e.g. to require participants to give at least two characters - make sure you mention it here. You can also give separate instructions for prompt formats, if required.

The boxes 'Label to use for Prompt URL in requests' and 'Label to use for Description in requests' allow you to change those to say what you want people to use those fields for - e.g. linking to an image for an art prompt.

Finishing your prompt meme setup

Whe you're happy with your settings, hit 'Submit' and they will be saved. You can go back and edit at any time.

Congratulations! You have just started a new prompt meme. Enjoy!

NB: A note about anonymous challenges:

In order to track works in a collection, authors can always be seen by the collection's moderator and by the AO3 coders and may be accidentally revealed by a moderator error or software bug. The Archive currently cannot support a totally anonymous prompt meme.